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*cartwheels out of the question*
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Greeting to all who love to be nerdy, geeky, or just love to be a fangirl when you're childhood hero walks through the door.
I'm a self-taught artist, who has a personality to all the crazy sides of me. From grotesque creatures that provokes the mad man in me, to cuddly pets that make me a little angel.
I draw whatever my awesome random mind creates. If only my hands could make it as awesome as i see it. From dragons, to dogs. Angels and demons. Even digimon and ponies. Enjoy this. RAWR!

Disclaimer Note ****(I do NOT own ANY of the stamps in this journal. I just got them and put them in, because their messages are awesome. All rights go to the proper, and respected owners. Please forgive me if you take it the wrong way. :'{ ) ****

Stuff about Alpha......

Stamp 1 by hecatehellPerfectionist Stamp by DavvrixDA Stamp - So Many Ideas... by phantompantherCharacter Stamp by Arpie Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatoriWriters Stamp by shadow-wolf-hauntsSo Many Books by LaPurrI love Feedback by Sweet-DooDo My OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatteLoves to RP stamp by Marlin-Rae Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86I talk to myself... by prosaixJoker Stamp by South-PolarisArt Geek Stamp by xoxostudios Fantasy+RealLife Stamp by Monkey-Girl146Imagination Stamp by Sycotei-BBook Sniffers Stamp by SailorSolarLove too many things by Shantella
Music Stamp by TaylorinchainsWishful Thinking by whispwillSagittarius zodiac stamp by r0ckmomChinese Zodiac: Rabbit by Frozen-lullaby

I enjoy the Rooster Teeth (all rights reversed) Web series: RWBY *hums red like roses theme*
rwby - time to say goodbye stamp by kawaiicunt-stampsPenny stamp by HystericDesignsRWBY Stamp by SpamCrackersLie Ren stamp by HystericDesignsRWBY-yellow-stamp by HystericDesignspenny - combat ready stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps Nora Valkyrie stamp by HystericDesignsPyrrha Nikos stamp by HystericDesignsRWBY - Yellow version by flowerangel050RWBY Fan Stamp by xXDigiRadianceXx

Let's Get DIGITAL!
I Miss Digimon Stamp by TheSnowDrifter Digimon - Gabumon Stamp by Colonel-Chicken Digimon Stamp : Matt Ishida IV by bluster-squall Digimon Stamp: Yolei Inou II by bluster-squall +Digimon Tamers Stamp+ by Blackgatomon +Guilmon Stamp+ by Blackgatomon I create my own digimon STAMP by CottonValent I wish... by CottonValent Family: Dragon's Roar by CottonValent Family: Nightmare Soldiers by CottonValent
Beelzemon stamp 3 by LadyBeelze Courage Stamp by L-mon Fire Symbol Stamp by L-mon Darkness Symbol Stamp by L-mon Stamp: Friendship by CosmicTao

Time to dwell in the dark side and odd......MUWHAHAahHAaH!!! *cough**cough**hack*
My stamp :D by crazy-mushroom freak Stamp by zilla774 Weird Stamp by Kojima2087 NERD Stamp by Kojima2087 Keep the WOLF in Werewolf by sugarpoultry Protected by Dragons stamp by purgatori Stupid Stamp by Trounced 'Dragon Fan' STAMP by Dragonnerd445 Book Sniffers Stamp by SailorSolar

*cartwheels around the world* As you could see from my tagline, I've got a screw loose somewhere. But hey, it's fine.

We're all mad here... -Stamp- by cos1163 Stamp 2 by Omicron- randomly weird stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz Stamp Insanity by Trasgo01 Mutant and Proud by woohooligan I am a Lion by Animal-Stamp Stamp by Cetix Fangirl Much Stamp by Kileaiya Responsible Brony Stamp by Sycotei-B Don't interupt by Wookiesarebetter

WHEW! That's alll folks! Alpha out- :iconlionroarplz:


Orion and Alnilam diagrams #2
the  last part of Peter's weapon, glad this one was short and sweet. now let's go

[ Top image] The blade form of Alnilam having a total of 20 smooth edge blades.
        [ Second row first image] The back of the shield showing all the components for saw mode,and the second rail that will connect to the blade.
         [ second row last image] Alnilam in its connected to the saw blade in its full form.
         [ third row first image] the glove that helps connect and rev the saw mode of alnilam.
         [ third row cluster of images] a detail process of the joint and knuckle tabs on peters glove.
*do not copy trace, or steal*
Orion and Alnilam diagrams #1
The first installment in Peter's weapons, one of the simplest but one of my fav's out of the team. Now let's a' go!

[Left image] The folded form of the axe blade of Orion. The two halves fold up flush with one another.
        [Center image] A full profile of Orion in its double axe head form. To achieve this form press the center diamond on the ring above the pale base of the handle, (its actually a button) to flip the other half of the axe out.
        [ Last image] Alnilam, the altered heater shield. Named after the brightest star in Orion's belt. The shield holds Peter's symbol on the front and about half of the components for it's alt modes.

*do not, copy, trace, or steal*
RWBY OC Team C.O.P.R. Full Body #3
The third member of team C.O.P.R being my second fav is gentle Peter, boyfriend to Carmela and all round pacifist. Had fun making his armor. Now bio time!

Name: Peter Bernlak
        Name Meaning: Peter: Greek meaning "a small stone." Bernlak " Scottish meaning "the green knight"
        Gender: male
        Race: human
        Height: 6ft 1 in
        Weight: 169lbs
        Body type: strong, but lanky.
        Hair color: black
        Hair Style: short fuzz
        Eye color: jade green
        Skin color: black
        Represented color: Green
Inspirations:Medieval knights. The Knights of the Round Table, Sir Lancelot. Some positive traits from Richard the Lion Heart.
    School:/Kingdom Haven/ Mistral:
Clothing influences: Medieval knights, samurai, layered plates, detail and "skirt" pieces Strong defense. Military.
Armor pieces: full suit of armor.
Notes: Since Peter is the "muscle" of the team, his armor his very tough and is put together in a way that benefits his semblance. He is the only member of the team who's weapon doesn't have a gun mod. In his opinion his prefers not to use guns, going back to basic weaponry. Though his his does make a projectile. Peter's chosen route is defense more than offense; due to his quiet/shy nature, and that he doesn't want to harm anyone really. His symbol is marked/integrated into his shield.
Appearance Features: he is the tallest one of the team, and is referred to as "lanky legs" because of it. Occasionally he wears glasses, but only to read.
Skills/Talents: He has a natural skill for singing /rapping, and is a good danger.
          Personality: Peter, although he may look brutish, tough and mean with his armor on and his axe in hand, though he's kind. Gentle and friendly around his girlfriend, Carmela, they act more as friends than a pair. [ due to the fact that they don't want to jump the dun/take it slow/ get to know each other' As well as they are both too shy to make a move, and they only kissed once. The Bernlak family all have weapons and armor similar to medieval knights and they also seem to adopt a code of chivalry in their name.
                              Peter tries his best to make his family and team proud of him by doing his best in battle. However, he doesn't believe he was breed to be the tough, strong fighter his family wishes him to be; or even to be a huntsmen. Since the idea of causing harm/possible ending a life can get too much for him. He doesn't feel like he fits with his family name" The Jade Templar" Luckily, Carmela has been a driving force in his confidence and self-esteem. With her being a prime reason why he fights, to protect her and others who can't. He's funny, and enjoy very much seeing people smile, and he's go out of his way to achieve that.

    Aura color: grey
    Weapon Name: Orion and Alnilam.
    Weapon type: Battle axe and shield.
    Alt feature.: projectile, and chainsaw
    Functions: Orion the axe; when stores away the two blades ( curved, longer at the bottom, engraved with snakes) as well as the tip, 3-pronged and raised slightly connects above the ax-heads and the bar that connects them, all fold up into a single bladed ax. Peter can use Orion by itself, carrying it by it's braided handle. Or  he can presses a button one one of the diamonds over the handle, to form Orion into it's double bladed axe mode. Alnilam is in the shape of a heater, but the top is slowly sloped with the sides dipping inward. At the very top, bottom, the edges, and a majority of the back portion are components to turn Alnilam into its alt. mode. The centerpiece of the shield is an image of Peter's family coat of arms. When peter holds it the odd pieces of his gloved hand interlock with the straps and the hand impression of the shield once he holds it; the symbol and other pieces makes a series of clicks and the entire portion raises up slightly. For alt mode, he must press a green colored button on his glove (when holding his shield) to start all the components,gears, and cogs into action he can either thrust forward the shield to release the center portion: which is actually a 6-pronged saw blade, forward at a target, and it will return to it's home after 30 second, so multiple hits can be made. Or, grip his entire hand so that a new button is over his fingers, and the symbol will move to the end of his shield; point growing longer and divided. So now that there is a total of 18 blades. parts of the shield; most of the cogs and p=gears and a pairs of posts will anchor it in place. The med mode is  SAWBLAE  that revs each time peter holds down the switch.

Loading and reloading: the disk will returning automatically.
GUn mode: none
Clothing points: All his armor is removable. His armor follows the palette of a base of gray/silver, brown and various shades of green.
Fighting Style: Fortress. Hit hard, and defend teammates.
StrengthsL Defense and strength: high. Semblance.
Weakness: Endurance and speed lacking.
Recommendation: Defender. Hand strikes. Single point.

Semblance: Crystalline Growths.
Semblance Description: Crystal-like, rock hard growths protrude from his skin acting like the quills of a porcupine. He can choose where they grow out of ( henst the spaces in his armor) the shape, size and length of them. He is able to fight with them as they are or fire them like projectiles, very strong, but they are used as a last resort. Causes a bit of pain for him.
Brief History: Born into a well know group of huntsmen, AND he does he best to uphold the family tradition. Originally thought going to an academy was a bad idea, but perked u[ when he meet (landing strategy) his childhood friend, and soon to be girlfriend Carmela Elpida. His brother, went to train a signal.

Team: C.O.P.R
Position: Strength warrior
Theme song: Hall of Fame by The Script.
Quotes: "I'm part of the Jade Templar, it's my duty to."
"Naaaahh, i did it!"
"Uh, Carmela> You know how i like you as a sister right? Well, i think i like you.....m-more than that."
"One for all, and oh forget it."
"To the dorm, my loyal subjects."
"I don't like the deadliness of this."
*do not copy, trace, or steal*
Champion of Air
Next up for the digimon legends line is Screechmon's champion form: Harriermon. When i was making the wings colors i paused thinking i was doing the American flag for a second. oh well. on with it!

Type: Data
        Personality: Mainly the same as his rookie form, but a bit more stern, and a little more aggressive when forced to fight.
        Element: air
Attacks: Tornado Screech (Inhales deeply, taking in all the air he can get. Then with a ear-hurting bellow the air rockets out of his beak, twisting and speeding towards his target in a collected wind storm.)
               Energy Bombs ( A sheet of yellow energy encases his talons, and with a quick flick they energy flies off, exploding on impact.)
               Hyper Streak ( Backs up, before taking off to the sky, his speed increases by 5 mp/h every two feet, when he reaches 70 mp/h Harriermon takes a sharp nose dive, his form blurring to a blue and brown streak. Crashing into its opponent.)
               Feather Arrows ( Gives a mighty flap of his wings, and the tips of his feather shoot out with pin-point accuracy, the ends sharp like arrows heads.)
               Blue Wind Whiplash (All the blue areas of his body glow in a bright light, Harriermon slowly takes off, climbing higher and higher into the air. When he reaches and altitude of 500 feet, he stays there hovering in place. The large bird descends a foot, before swiftly returning to his original position, he repeats this until a strong winding current of air folds around him. When he speaks the last words, the currents engulfs him in a wide dome, and then Harriermon plummets towards his chosen foe. He rockets downward in a spinning corkscrew, nailed his target, then climbing back up into the air before turning around in a sharp 90 degree angle. Then hits his dazed target a second, then third time. Landing gracefully he takes a breath, having the wind knocked out of him.)

*do not copy. trace or steaL*
Frozen Interface Diagrams #3
An Odolf's weapon diagrams are complete! Now time to rest. *falls over with exhaustion* But wait there is still more stuff to do, info time!

[Top image] The full completed image of Frozen Interface's rifle form. Weighing about 7 pounds
        [Second row, little images ] This is the turned dials portion of making the bayonet form of the blades which are on top of the rifle.
        [Second row top and bottom pair] This is the pulled back version of the handle in which is part of the loading and firing sequence.
        [Second row, left most image] The first stage of forming the bayonet, the blades extent to about six inches in front of the barrel.
        [Third row, left most image] Second stage of forming the bayonet, the tips of the blades jut slightly forward, and the second half of the base turns downward.
        [Fourth row, left most image.] The final stage of the fully formed bayonet, the blades compression to the flush form.
        [Fourth row, center image.] The design for the ammo magazine, having a curved profile.
        [Fourth row, last image.] The basic process of forming the larger blade, simply connected the pump handle cap to the shoulder brace.
        [ Last image] Profile of bullet, having ice dust tip and similar to that of rifle bullets.

*do not copy trace, or steal*
Frozen Interface Diagrams #2
The second part of frozen interface, managed to get a lot into this one, and it came together nicely. Now let's get to it

[First row, main image] Shows the fully combined form of the left side of the rifle.All the pieces have clicked together to form the first part of the rifle.
        [First row, top image.] Body piece of the right half of the rifle, connected by a pair of claw pins.
        [First row, bottom image.] body piece of the rifle, holds the locking bar for the loading system of the firearm.
        [Second row: sequence] Shows the process of the blades turning into their storage form on top of the rifle barrel.
        [ Second row top image.] This shows the secondary rail piece, under body and barrel of the rifle all slotted together.
        [Second row, bottom image] The pumping bar handle of the rifle, using to load a new dust round into the chamber of the rifle, the tip pressed down when in the combined form.
        [Third row, single image.] The full combined for of the right half of the rifle.

*do not copy, trace, or steal*
Spread the word people!

Can't I get a break? I'm so sick i can don't have patience for this.
So look out for this DANGEROUS  art thief @rythehero2000, i didn't know what else to call him but he was an attitude of a spoiled brat. he stole my artwork, this one right here:
Horrortale Sans| C'mon I'm not gonna kill you, Kid by KyubeyGirl like he just comment this on my page :   Capturar by KyubeyGirland BLOCK me, i wasn't going to answer but i was i couldn't anything, and basically took my work and copy the description to chancing some text and add this: "GO FUCK UR SELF IF U LIKE THIS EDGY SHIT." this just one example, see more here: Horrortale Sans| C'mon I'm not gonna kill you, Kid
he even put the same title!

he will block you take your art and says that is his:

CapturarPNG by KyubeyGirl

this is what i find i don't know if the rest is from him but i really don't care he was some nasty things in his gallery, go check it, it's horrible.

i need your help, please report this person, block him, don't let this bad attitude corrupt DA! 

i very sick to deal it is so please  help me guys. Do the right thing and report him NOW!Llama Emoji-15 (Sniff) [V1] 

Crying Mako thank you for your help, i hope to get better soon. 
Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2]bye!


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