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*cartwheels out of the question*
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Greeting to all who love to be nerdy, geeky, or just love to be a fangirl when you're childhood hero walks through the door.
I'm a self-taught artist, who has a personality to all the crazy sides of me. From grotesque creatures that provokes the mad man in me, to cuddly pets that make me a little angel.
I draw whatever my awesome random mind creates. If only my hands could make it as awesome as i see it. From dragons, to dogs. Angels and demons. Even digimon and ponies. Enjoy this. RAWR!

Disclaimer Note ****(I do NOT own ANY of the stamps in this journal. I just got them and put them in, because their messages are awesome. All rights go to the proper, and respected owners. Please forgive me if you take it the wrong way. :'{ ) ****

Stuff about Alpha......

Stamp 1 by hecatehellPerfectionist Stamp by DavvrixDA Stamp - So Many Ideas... by phantompantherCharacter Stamp by Arpie Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatoriWriters Stamp by shadow-wolf-hauntsSo Many Books by LaPurrI love Feedback by Sweet-DooDo My OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatteLoves to RP stamp by Marlin-Rae Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86I talk to myself... by prosaixJoker Stamp by South-PolarisArt Geek Stamp by xoxostudios Fantasy+RealLife Stamp by Monkey-Girl146Imagination Stamp by Sycotei-BBook Sniffers Stamp by SailorSolarLove too many things by Shantella
Music Stamp by TaylorinchainsWishful Thinking by whispwillSagittarius zodiac stamp by r0ckmomChinese Zodiac: Rabbit by Frozen-lullaby

I enjoy the Rooster Teeth (all rights reversed) Web series: RWBY *hums red like roses theme*
rwby - time to say goodbye stamp by kawaiicunt-stampsPenny stamp by HystericDesignsRWBY Stamp by SpamCrackersLie Ren stamp by HystericDesignsRWBY-yellow-stamp by HystericDesignspenny - combat ready stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps Nora Valkyrie stamp by HystericDesignsPyrrha Nikos stamp by HystericDesignsRWBY - Yellow version by flowerangel050RWBY Fan Stamp by xXDigiRadianceXx

Let's Get DIGITAL!
I Miss Digimon Stamp by TheSnowDrifter Digimon - Gabumon Stamp by Colonel-Chicken Digimon Stamp : Matt Ishida IV by bluster-squall Digimon Stamp: Yolei Inou II by bluster-squall +Digimon Tamers Stamp+ by Blackgatomon +Guilmon Stamp+ by Blackgatomon I create my own digimon STAMP by CottonValent I wish... by CottonValent Family: Dragon's Roar by CottonValent Family: Nightmare Soldiers by CottonValent
Beelzemon stamp 3 by LadyBeelze Courage Stamp by L-mon Fire Symbol Stamp by L-mon Darkness Symbol Stamp by L-mon Stamp: Friendship by CosmicTao

Time to dwell in the dark side and odd......MUWHAHAahHAaH!!! *cough**cough**hack*
My stamp :D by crazy-mushroom freak Stamp by zilla774 Weird Stamp by Kojima2087 NERD Stamp by Kojima2087 Keep the WOLF in Werewolf by sugarpoultry Protected by Dragons stamp by purgatori Stupid Stamp by Trounced 'Dragon Fan' STAMP by Dragonnerd445 Book Sniffers Stamp by SailorSolar

*cartwheels around the world* As you could see from my tagline, I've got a screw loose somewhere. But hey, it's fine.

We're all mad here... -Stamp- by cos1163 Stamp 2 by Omicron- randomly weird stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz Stamp Insanity by Trasgo01 Mutant and Proud by woohooligan I am a Lion by Animal-Stamp Stamp by Cetix Fangirl Much Stamp by Kileaiya Responsible Brony Stamp by Sycotei-B Don't interupt by Wookiesarebetter

WHEW! That's alll folks! Alpha out- :iconlionroarplz:


Wild Colored Primate by Alphalionleader
Wild Colored Primate
Well the next one in line for the digihunters is up and i must say, this one was a challenge. What with the anatomy being close to a humans, but not quite; going for something more gorilla-like. Well here we are, the second-to-last member of the digi-hunters: Abermon! I love making his little teeth. The crest next to him is The Crest of Revenge.
Bio time!
Type: Virus
Element: Thunder
Ancestors: Best warriors. Jungle Troopers.  Primates. The Tribeman of Splitting Thunder.

Rookie: Abermon. This grinning gorilla has a strong jaw, a stronger punch, and an even stronger roar. Some confuse him to be a shaman type digimon; due to the native American feather head band he wears. Though he strictly brawls with his hands, and hand-like feet. Making you second guess yourself when you see the scars on his strange colors fur, of a beast type. He and his partner, Taylor Grace love to hang out together. With Abermon usually stealing fancy clothes and shiny objects for his image-obsessed partner to decorate herself with. But they like revenge even more, stopping at nothing to "repay the favor" if anyone rubs them the wrong way. Taylor's cunning and silver-tongue, swindles their foe while Abermon deals out damage.  (Plus they have the same eye color, of a sapphire blue.)

Personality: An ape looking digimon with an unquenchable thirst for revenge, and delicious milkshakes. (His favorite treat). He is a sort of body-guard for his partner, who needs to merely snap her fingers, and he's catering to her every beck and call. "Abermon! Where's my make-up bag?" "Abermon, I don't like this boys tone. Show him my disgust." "Abermon! You're the best-est, toughest, gorilla a girl could every have! Did you know that?" -Would be a few of the orders he gets. If he every wavers, he would get a very angry Scottish talk-to, and maybe a few wallops to his head. He likes a fighting style that mainly involves brute force, and loud screams.

Attacks: Jungle Pounding. (Smashes the ground with his fists. Causing a strong shock wave to travel in a small circle. He jumps around in little, angry, bursts:or ovals. Flipping around, mid-jump, and then smashing his fists back down into the ground to continue the shock wave pattern.)

Native Arrows ( Grabs the five feathers from his headband, then Abermon balances in a hand-stand: with the feathers held by gorilla feet. Throws them by using one foot to hold the feathers, and the other to launch each one at at time. The feathers travel up to distances of ten yards; the tips seem to have a razor sharp edge.)

Thunder Whoop (He is the digimon of thunder, right? After gaining enough strength, a powerful attack is the by-product.  Abermon's figure illuminates with faint glowing lavender light. Then he takes in a deep breath of air, hodling it in and crouching low to the ground. Upon saying, or rather shouting the word "Whoop": Abermon opens his mouth, releasing a powerful sonic blast from his mouth. While he simultaneously pounds on his chest like a real gorilla. Each time he pounds, a ripple in the "Whoop" is hear and seen, causing the sound to grow a little louder as it travels. Sounding like a roar on steroids, its strength can shatter glass and made nearby stones and pebbles jump and bounce. Though afterwards, Abermon must take a break, to rest his voice. )

*Do not coy, trace, or steal*
Gallery cleaning.
getting rid of old stuff, and putting *DO Not, copy, trace, and steal labels on everything.......*
this may take awhile.
Tarnished Spark Diagram #1 by Alphalionleader
Tarnished Spark Diagram #1
Well its took me ages to do, but with persistence (and the universe's luck) i finally got it done! Though I'm very tired now. *sleeps*
But now's not the time for that, now is the time for explanations! As from the title, this diagram is only one, of the many ones i will do for each weapon of each member of team C.O.P.R. (This being Carmela's pride and joy. )                                                                                  If you haven't seen her yet, click here ------->
Now to be honest, doing metal is a little bit outside my comfort zone: though i did better than i though and i really like how it turned out.
   Points for improvement! :iconappluaseplz: Anywho, let's get a writing shall we?
*Note: I do not own RWBY. It belongs to Rooster Teeth and to Monty Oum. All rights reserved.*
The only thing I own is the design of the weapon.****

Tarnished Spark is a very complex, yet compact weapon. Each of it's pieces work with one another to do one of it's many tasks. Carmela was very picky when creating it, wanting the most versatile, durable, yet easy to use weapon at her disposable.
Weapon Type: Melee/close combat.
Alternate Feature: Firearm.
Weapon Style: Bladed weapon. (Gauntlet.)
Primary Function: Bladed, offense/defense gantlet.
Secondary Function: Twin-barreled, medium impact, medium ranged firearm.
Alternate/ Side Function: Dust-infused weapon.

[Top row, center image]
      This shows the weapon in an aerial view, in it's most basic form. The three blades on each gauntlet rest in a closed position.From this view all the little pieces and cogs can be seen. To use the weapon in combat, Carmela slips her arms though them; like and over-sized pairs of gloves. The gauntlets will conform to a comfortable postilion after the metal "claws" of her gloves are extended with a simple flick of her fingers.

[Top row, left center image. (below the two cylinders) ]
      This is a detailed view of the 1st and 3rd blades on Tarnished Spark. Though all three blades have sharp metal edge for slicing and cutting, plus a compact and tough design when used in defensive maneuvers, these two blades can do more. They have a majority of the parts used to form Tarnished Spark's firearm mode, as well as they are mounted on indented rails within the body of the weapon. These rails, (as well as one the 2nd (or middle) blade) are a vital part in making the different modes possible. For example; blades 1 and 3 can be moved forward, back, and rotated a full 180 degrees around. After each maneuver (accompanied by an action done by Carmela) the blades will compress down into the rail for a more flush appearance.

[Top row, right bottom image.]
        This a a detailed view of the 2nd blade. Similar to blades 1 and 3, its has a sharp metal edge for rapid cuts and a compact construction for it to be built to last. As well as it can move forward, and back on the indented movement rails. However, unlike it's partners, this blade remains stationary; in the sense that it dose not rotate 180 degrees. As is shown from the large wheel-shaped pieces, this blade sets all the others pieces for forming the firearm mode, in motion and helps lock everything into place. The smaller, divided circles (marked in silver) are actually little jointed arms that connect to blades 1 and 3; sprouting from either side of the center blade and guide blades 1 and 3 as the firearm mode is being executed. (will explain further in future diagrams.)

[Top row, top left images; two cylinders.]
      These two, seemingly ordinary pair of images, is actually an important piece to the weapon. This clasps and trigger, bar-like combo that rests above Carmela's hand, and just below the the rims of the blade rails. It is a handle, a the final locking mechanism and  the firing method in fire arm mode. The first cylinder shows the "closed" form of the handle, the other shows the "open" or trigger form when in firearm mode. To fire a round, takes a bit of strength from Carmela. Since the button, so to speak, releases the bullets from the barrels of Tarnished Spark; and since a system takes each bullet from the magazine to chambers of the barrels as the changing process in going on.

[Top row, bottom right image]
    This is the elbow spikes of Tarnished Spark, and another image piece for it to function properly. When a magazine is loaded (loading port located on the underside of the elbow spike) it will pop up into a more vertical position. This will clear the system of loading bullets into the barrels, and simultaneously rotate the barrel components of the fire arm mode into position of the next part of the process. The elbow also acts as the release switch them the current mag is used up. Carmela just has to simple push down on the spike and the mag will be ejected from the slot, so she can load another one in. (better detail in future diagrams)

[Second row, center image]
     This shows a side profile of Tarnished Spark. A noticeable feature is how all the blades gradually curve downward, to a sharp point. The ends of the blades going over Carmela's hand, even in the storage, or neutral function. Yet she still can choose to use her weapons, along with the claws on her fingers, to and extent.

[Second row, last image.]
        This is an aerial view of the gun barrel portion of the weapon. As seen in the full view, the pair of barrel are compact and small enough to store behind blades 1 and 3. Yet they grow, literally, and figuratively, as the gun mode is activated. After a mag is put in place, the barrel rotate so that the  back two red tab face blades 1 and 3. They will soon connect to the blades and the rest of the gun components (such as a partial dust ammo chamber, and ammo execution slide pieces) by a connection plate (red-brown, triangular piece at the end of blades 1 and 3) which will lock everything together and set pieces in motion, while also keeping the bullet loading system, temporarily closed.   

[Last row, first image]
        A side view of the closed form of the barrels. From this angle the sights, stopping/safety notches, and how the muzzle tip appears.
[Last row, second image)
        This is a side view of the open form of the gun barrels. The sights have moved into position, so Carmela can aim, and the connection tabs have shifted so the barrels can be better secured to blades 1 and 3. A section of the barrel has extended to show the full length of the barrel, and how there are more little notches/indentations that stop the front end of the barrel from going any further than it needs to. The muzzle of the barrel is shown to have a rounded profile.
[Last row, third image]
        An aerial view of the open form of the gun barrels. One sight moves up, while the other more angular one moves down as the gum forming process moves on. The little imprints of the slides of the frontal barrel portion are clearly seen.
[further detail on weapon ,and different modes in later diagrams.]
   *Note. My work, which i have put a lot of effort an thought into. Do no take, all rights reversed.*
     Well, i think that's enough for one fingers and brain hurt.
    Alpha out! :iconlionroarplz:
   *do not copy trace, or steal*
One for a Friend. by Alphalionleader
One for a Friend.
This one i did for a friend i know IRL (in real life) he gave me a vague description of what he wanted and petty much said: "Go nuts."
Took about three days from start to finish. (curse you universe and your poor timing/craziness/frustration) He named this guy: Angeldramon.[his and mine collaboration, all rights reserved.] (fellow digi-nerd.) Took some tinkering with the colors to let it match. Thinking maybe adding this guy into my Digimon Legends Story-line, when i finish editing it.....and brainstorming it.....and getting the next plot point. I'm rambling, let's move on!
I do not own digimon, the only things i do own is this drawing, the character and the My Digimon Legends Fanficition. All rights reserved, etc etc.
Alpha out! enjoy!:icontiredplz:    *do not copy trace, or steal*
Little Robot thing by Alphalionleader
Little Robot thing
   And yet once again, i go back to making them. Man i still have so many pieces left, i don't know what to do with. I got bored and decided to make this little drone-like guy. i made an entire techinic system for the legs, which allow for all kinds of movement. If you wanted to, his foot can foot can bent up to reach his face. Compared to the rest of the ones i've done so far, this one's rather small but took awhile to make. The legs......just, the legs drove me nuts. Plus i wanted him to be compact, and kinda cute.
Think I'll call him: White Noise.

Anywho, Alpha OUt!       *do not copy, trace, or steal*
Little sketch by Alphalionleader
Little sketch
Just a little thing i did in my spare time. i was so bored, and this was the result.
  figure my darling Charlie needed some friend, and thus the rest of the gang was born. This was done in ink, on lined paper.
though the noses......ah!
  alpha out. *do not copy trace, or steal*
And yet, another one. by Alphalionleader
And yet, another one.
*sigh* i had too, i just can't help myself. This one was a little tricky, i started out trying to go for a overall color scheme of silver and green. Though ended up making a large bladed, firearm, type weapon. And i like it! Though on the downside, it's pretty hefty. I had to bulk out the back, and his feet to keep him stable. Oh, and i added a little spider friend! I'll call him Randy!
overall took about 5 hours to make, just a quick one.
      Now who shall we call this M.O.C.? Viride Herba (Latin for green blade.)
anywho, alpha out!
*do not copy, trace, or steal*
Master of Rage by Alphalionleader
Master of Rage
Got this one up too, it's still old, but this was made during one of my moments of awesomeness (and non laziness): and it's pretty decent if you ask me. Remember that dog-hyena one, well this is that guy's Ultimate form. [or Elemental in my digi-lore.blah, blah, blah, backstory stuff, blah blah, to tired to fully describe it.]
Anywho, let's get a bio on this guy shall we? *note* this, like the rest of my digimon characters, are made by me. they came from alpha......that is all. XD

Ultimate/ Elemental
Type: Virus.
Ancestors: Nightmare Soldiers. The Slaves of The Dark One.
Name: HellHowlermon.
Name Origin: (you can figure the first part out.) Howl. (A term used for the sound a dog, wolf, or other canine creature does when they make a low but loud cry.)
  Personality: Mostly the same as DemonOlliemon, though a bit more mature and wiser. Though he still is a raging beast, with tremendous anger-management issues, he spends less time mindless destroying things....and more time destroying things with, some degree of rational thought. Though he still had "no heart", thanks to The Dark One's corruption; which is making quick work of his mercy.
    Description: The ultimate/elemental form of Maulimutemon, is a blatant difference from his previous forms. Standing at 6ft 3in tall. Without his heavy, and deadly armor, this angry mutt weighs in at around a hefty 470lbs. This crazy k-9 is swift enough to track down his prey, using what appears to be stealth and hunting tactics. All that muscle accounts for his great strength, enabling HellHowlermon to keep pace with most other Ultimate digimon, and even hold his own against a few mega level. Though it won't be long before he loses all patience and starts kicking, and snarling. The dark, macabre colors of his fur are littered with the stains of dozens of battles, and 'blood' from his many defeated victims. So much so, that parts of his fur, as well as some of the metal of his armor, are permanently stained red by it.
Along with sharp claws, saber teeth (despite a portion of it sown closed), HellHowlermon rips and shreds his opponents with the pointy spikes on his collar, armor, and bands. Though the Enchantment by The Dark One on his collar is weaker in this form, so his rage has a shorter fuse. He is a heartless pawn of The Dark One, and a loyal minion, but what set's him apart, is not this dog's bite, or bark.....but his crackly howl. Raspy, hysterical, deep, and loud. Rumor has it, that it's so blood-curdling that some of the most vile digimon: such as Devimon, tremble when they hear it.
           Attacks- Necko-Eye: The gemstone on his tail cover blasts a beam of red/black energy, in the shape of a demonic eye.
                         Hell-Hounds Throwing Star: Removes the skull ornament from his collar, crushing it to dust. He then removes it, just as the spikes gain an eerie red aura around them. Launches his collars like a giant throwing star. It will return to his hands after thrown.
                          Ramming Rage: Leaps in to the arm, positioning himself in a way where the tall spikes of his shoulders armor face down as he plummets towards a target. He is frothing mad while doing so.
                           Bloody Knockout: Does into a boxer-like stance, the stains areas of his fur lighting up in dull red light. Strikes hard and fast. Using a combination of punches, kicks, and body slams to overpower his foe.
                           Midnight Murderer's Howl: Takes in a slow breath, within that moment his whole being seems to waver as a dark mist surrounds him. Turning the area to darkness. He takes in a second, sharper more nasally breath, just as streaks of red form into the mist. HellHowlermons gags. Suddenly, the black and red mist become a swirling vortex as it enters his mouth. After every speck of mist has been "swallowed", he lives true to his name: unleashing the mist in a rocketing funnel with a mighty, but chilling howl. 

*do not copy, trace, or steal*
It's raining, it's not quite pouring: the sun's out, and I'm tired and practically snoring. of those days. 

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