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SU Fanfic Understanding part 5
   by Alphalionleader, Moments ago
   Journals / Personal
Understanding- Can we stay?
*note i do not own any of the character mentioned in this fic from the Steven universe series, they belong to Rebecca sugar and to Cartoon network, all rights reversed*
        A tense moment was released once the talk between the Crystal Gems and Jade was over, shrugging her shoulders Garnet walked past the now known Homeworld gem and opened the burning room door. Then they all exited the room returning to the beach house. Jade had a contemplative look on her face, her palm under her chin and eyebrows knitted up in question. Though she was altered when she heard sounds of celebration and joy, and a familiar voice.
          "Oh yeah! Four games in a row, take that Steven?" A shrill vo
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Edgar's Revenge Diagrams #3 :iconalphalionleader:Alphalionleader 1 0 Edgar's Revenge Diagrams #2 :iconalphalionleader:Alphalionleader 1 0 Edgar's Revenge Diagrams #1 :iconalphalionleader:Alphalionleader 6 4 RWBY OC Team. C.O.P.R. Fullybody #4 :iconalphalionleader:Alphalionleader 5 0 Champion of Swamp :iconalphalionleader:Alphalionleader 2 0 New lego things :iconalphalionleader:Alphalionleader 0 0

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*cartwheels out of the question*
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Greeting to all who love to be nerdy, geeky, or just love to be a fangirl when you're childhood hero walks through the door.
I'm a self-taught artist, who has a personality to all the crazy sides of me. From grotesque creatures that provokes the mad man in me, to cuddly pets that make me a little angel.
I draw whatever my awesome random mind creates. If only my hands could make it as awesome as i see it. From dragons, to dogs. Angels and demons. Even digimon and ponies. Enjoy this. RAWR!

Disclaimer Note ****(I do NOT own ANY of the stamps in this journal. I just got them and put them in, because their messages are awesome. All rights go to the proper, and respected owners. Please forgive me if you take it the wrong way. :'{ ) ****

Stuff about Alpha......

Stamp 1 by hecatehell Perfectionist Stamp by Davvrix DA Stamp - So Many Ideas... by phantompanther Character Stamp by Arpie Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori Writers Stamp by shadow-wolf-haunts So Many Books by LaPurr I love Feedback by Sweet-DooDo My OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27 Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05 I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte Loves to RP stamp by Marlin-Rae Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86 I talk to myself... by prosaix Joker Stamp by South-Polaris Art Geek Stamp by xoxostudios Fantasy+RealLife Stamp by Monkey-Girl146 Imagination Stamp by Sycotei-B Book Sniffers Stamp by SailorSolar Love too many things by Shantella
Music Stamp by Taylorinchains Wishful Thinking by whispwill Sagittarius zodiac stamp by r0ckmom Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit by Frozen-lullaby
Gryffindor by tamystock

I enjoy the Rooster Teeth (all rights reversed) Web series: RWBY *hums red like roses theme*
rwby - time to say goodbye stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps Penny stamp by HystericDesigns RWBY Stamp by SpamCrackers Lie Ren stamp by HystericDesigns RWBY-yellow-stamp by HystericDesigns penny - combat ready stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps Nora Valkyrie stamp by HystericDesigns Pyrrha Nikos stamp by HystericDesigns RWBY - Yellow version by flowerangel050 RWBY Fan Stamp by Digital-SilverEyes

Let's Get DIGITAL!
I Miss Digimon Stamp by TheSnowDrifter Digimon - Gabumon Stamp by Colonel-Chicken Digimon Stamp : Matt Ishida IV by bluster-squall Digimon Stamp: Yolei Inou II by bluster-squall +Digimon Tamers Stamp+ by Blackgatomon +Guilmon Stamp+ by Blackgatomon I create my own digimon STAMP by CottonValent I wish... by CottonValent Family: Dragon's Roar by CottonValent Family: Nightmare Soldiers by CottonValent
Beelzemon stamp 3 by LadyBeelze Courage Stamp by L-mon Fire Symbol Stamp by L-mon Darkness Symbol Stamp by L-mon Stamp: Friendship by CosmicTao

Time to dwell in the dark side and odd......MUWHAHAahHAaH!!! *cough**cough**hack*
My stamp :D by crazy-mushroom freak Stamp by zilla774 Weird Stamp by Kojima2087 NERD Stamp by Kojima2087 Keep the WOLF in Werewolf by sugarpoultry Protected by Dragons stamp by purgatori Stupid Stamp by Trounced 'Dragon Fan' STAMP by Dragonnerd445 Book Sniffers Stamp by SailorSolar

*cartwheels around the world* As you could see from my tagline, I've got a screw loose somewhere. But hey, it's fine.

We're all mad here... -Stamp- by cos1163 Stamp 2 by Omicron- randomly weird stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz Stamp Insanity by Trasgo01 Mutant and Proud by woohooligan I am a Lion by Animal-Stamp Stamp by Cetix Fangirl Much Stamp by Kileaiya Responsible Brony Stamp by Sycotei-B Don't interupt by Wookiesarebetter

WHEW! That's alll folks! Alpha out- :iconlionroarplz:


A collection of Kwami's
and this is to kick off my latest interest *cough*cough* obsession*cough* a piece relating to my ocs, of Miraculous Ladybug. (Season 2, where are you?)
Now let's get down to the nitty gritty, shall we?

Just to start off all of these kwami are 4,800 years old.
The topmost being is a little, owl-based kwami named: Crest. [i used like six different hues for her body colors, man never doing that again] She is a quiet, intelligent and soft-spoken kwami. Often talking when it is needed, or she needs to lend her holder a helpful word or two. Unlike most kwami's, Crest has little talons on her feet, and a small pair of wings on her back, that flutter while she floats about. She's gentle, yet feisty when pushed too far, enjoys listening to her holder play the violin, and eating peanut butter crackers= her favorite food.
    Her miraculous is the Belt Buckle of the Owl; which represents Protection and Kindness. [Shown in both normal and transformed versions]
   The left kwami is Salto, a gray wolf based creature. [cute pose is cute] He's the most energetic and loud-voiced kwami of the trio. He's usually seen doing tricks in the air, our yelling at the top of his tiny lungs. Brash, and stubborn Salto can come across as a bit of a narcissist but he's quite compassionate, in fact. Though he can get lazy, he will spring into action when the time comes; practically the first one to face a foe. His favorite food is the sweet, tasty bananas.
His miraculous is the Pendant of the Wolf. Which represents Loyalty and Love. [ both forms shown]
And last but not least, is the Bull-based kwami; Toro. [serious face0] It took awhile to get the angle of his horns just right. Toro is the most mature, and stoic of the bunch. Often lazily floated beside his holder, or saying nothing at all. Though when he does speak, he uses advanced vocabulary with words like: Spurious, calamitous,  and juxtaposition pair with a firm voice. Toro is brave and expression when he wants to but also has quiet to temper and a bit demanding. He love to eat Strawberries, and uncommon for most kwami has an accessory; his gold nose ring.
His miraculous is the Bracelet of the Bull; representing  Strength and Courage.

*Note i do not own, Miraculous Ladybug: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir, it belongs to its respectful creators and companies. All rights reversed.*

*Do not copy, trace or steal*
Pair of legoness
Once again we have our favorite bounty hunter Twin Strikes, and this time with his trusty pet titan lizard; SawTooth. Being the cruel, greedy, and manipulative hunter he is, Twin Strikes upgraded, against the animals will, SawTooth with cybernetic pieces. Adding to his height, his imposing teeth, and the fire blaster harness that is on his back. Though SawTooth is loyal to the bounty hunter, since he saved him from a pack of Magma Kats. Whenever Twin Strikes is in a bind, he called on the 10ft tall beast to lend him a talon.

*ah, i just noticed, SawTooth's teeth are covering his eyes. Darn it!*

*do copy, trace, steal*
New thingy of legoness
title says it all, really like this one. What with his face, and the weapon. Thinking of calling him Twin Strike, and let's make him a bounty hunter. why not?

*do not, copy trace, or steal*
The Twin Dragons diagrams #2
*note, i do not own, RWBY, it belongs to Rooster Teeth and to Monty Oum, all rights reserved.*

Here's the next and last part of Jasmine's weapon diagrams.  I liked how this one came together. now let's a' go!

Top row (pair of images) = This shows the transformation sequence of the blades of the Dragons. When the pistol part is form, it will unlock the hinges and they will compress the plates to shorten the blades length.
Second row (first image) =When the blades lock onto the top of the pistols, the blade edge's and circular plate will bold the blade until its in half, going flush against the fire arm.
Second row, (second image) =The final form of the alternated mode of the Twin Dragons.
Third row (first image) =  A profile of the magazines for the Dragons. Each mag holds 25 rounds of energy dust bullets, simple to a 44. caliber.  Jasmine's name is written on the side in Chinese characters.
Third row (second image) a single bullet of the fire arm.
*do not, copy, trace, or steal*
The Twin Dragons diagrams #1
*note i do not own rwby, it belongs to Rooster Teeth and to Monty Oum, all rights reserved*

And here we have the first installment in Jasmine's weapon: the Twin Dragons. Had some fun with this one, kind of edited the design slightly so all the pieces were flush with one another. Surprisingly, there's not much green in here as i planned. But it looks good nonetheless, and onward!

Top half (first pair of images)= A full view of the Twins, each one a near perfect mirror image of the other.
Top half ( top first image)= A full view of the blade of the weapons. If it were to be removed from the gun components.
Top half  (top second image) = The side blades of the Twins, a curved divided section, connected by two pieces of metal that sits on the  handle.
Top half ( bottom image)= an image of the tips/end of the blades, and circular disk showing its grappling cable. The Dragons have a grappling hook function. When Jasmine pressed the center dark green button on the handle, a cable will launch; stretching up to 15 feet in length.
Bottom Half ( first row first image) The handle of the gun mode, showing the connection plate at the top. Also has a compression plate for altering its size when combined with the other parts.
Bottom Half (first row second image) The barrel, and trigger of the gun mode. The back end has a connection plus which joins it to the handle of the gun, and an extending plate for the final step in transformation.
Bottom half (furthermost pair) The first step in the transformation of the pistols. The barrel and handle meet at a 90 degree angle.
Bottom half ( third row first image) The next part of the gun mode transformation, the two part close up flush with each over, and the barrel begins to move along the sliding rail. The side blade bend at another 90 degree and and connect to the handle. Jasmine starts this part by jerking the handles.
BOttom half (third row second image) the two pieces come together. The barrel flips on top of the handle then rotates 180 when Jasmine spins the assemble with a flicking motion of her hands. , and the plugs connect to from a single piece. The extension plate juts out to add more bulk to the newly formed pistols. Meanwhile, the side blades unfurl and straighten out. 
*do not copy, trace, or steal*
RWBY OC- Team J.A.D.E Fullbody #1
And here's the start of team J.A.D.E, ( a precious stone known for its lovely green color.) I've given this team an overall Asian them, that rhymed. I surprised myself this time, my human skills are improving! I've gotten better a faces and overall proportions, but enough about my achievements let's get down, to business.


Name: Jasmine Lu-Chu
Name Meaning: Jasmine ( A white flower with bright green leaves)
   Lu-Chu ( Chinese for a green colored pearl.)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race: Human
Inspirations: The Lady of Yue. [ A famous swordswomen, who's skills were so impressive that the King Goujin of Yue appointed her to train his army } As well as a bit of Mulan.
School/ Kingdom: Shade Academy. Vacuo.
Hair color: Black.    Hair style: High pony Tail
Skin color: White   Eye color: Light green
Height: 5ft 3in. Weight: 124lbs
Body type: slender
   Represented Color: Light green
 Clothing influences: Chinese coats and attire.
Armor Pieces: Kevlar women jacket having a curling collar, four white flat shoulder pieces lay on the jacket with beaded tassels that tip the ends. Four gold buttons next to woven designs, same style of armor for wrists, and shins. Dark leggings, and simple shoes. Set of three bands and buckles on waist having studs. Embroidery on leggings. Sheath sleeves on back for her weapons, and studded n gloves for hand-to0hand combat.
      Notes: Her middle belt has her symbol on it, and the third holds the pouches for the magazines for her weapons.
Appearance features: Several gold earrings, has a dragon tattoo on her leg, and a shoulder scar.
Skills and talents: Excellent fighter. Knows how to sow, and enjoys poetry.
                    Personality: Jasmine is the pillar that holds her team up. She, even at a young age, was more mature than most children. Granted she may come off as a stick in the mud when you first meet her stony face, the leader of team J.A.D.E is easy-going, and friendly. Her father is a well-known huntsmen throughout the kingdom of Vacuo  who was known for his nickname: The Dragon Tonged Man. as well as his firm, militaristic training routine. Wanting to follow in her father's footstep's she quickly became a student of his.
                     However, Jasmine was completely absorbed in it, and missed out on critical growing points in her life. You could say she was cut off from interaction. Though she grew independent, observant, and adaptable from her father's teachings, Jasmine became very firm. Organized and not used to teenage social ques. That doesn't mean she doesn't want to have any friends, it just leads her to fall in the strong silent type cliche. She is responsible with her actions and enjoys helping out her comrades. In battle and out. Jasmine can be brutally honest a times, when someone and herself least expects it. She may be rough around the edges but she's a confident leader and supportive friend. Another thing from her father's course, is she doesn't quite understand sarcasm. this leads to her taking things literally most of the time. At times she seems in control of the situation, though she can break down under stress. Revealing some of her lesser seen emotions. Insecurity, self doubt, lack of social experience, and uncertainty of herself.

   Aura color: Neon green.
   Weapon name: The Twin Dragons.
   Weapon type: Melee/ close combat.
   Alt. feature: firearms.
   Weapon style: swords.
Functions: A pair of steel tiger hook claw swords. The hook bending dramatically and being four inches long. The blade is divided into three parts. The hook where a circular hinge and pin make up the base. The body of the blades and side blades (which are segmented)  And the handles, which are made up of the gun components. [ will explain more in diagrams.)
Firing Mechanism: Locking bar and trigger
Loading and reloading: pull bar back, load mag.
Gun Mode: Medium pistol.
   Clothing points: Jacket looks well-made and has a professional design. The Chinese characters on her leggings read " Elegant like the blooming flowers, fierce as the awoken dragon." (i tried to make them as accurate as possible)
Fighting Style: Knows several martial arts. Mixing close combat with fire arm attacks
Strengths: Strategy. Tripping opponents. Variety of weapons modes.
Weaknesses: Not the best in the speed department. Can take too long to analyze a foe.
Recommendations: Supporting fire. Singe foe. Quick knockouts.

     Semblance: Chi.
     Color: White/Green
      Description: Using an extended  portion of her aura, Jasmine can gather a whitish green colored energy or she can either summon this energy by gaining excess kinetic output; usually from enemy blows or using just her chi itself. Then with a moment of concentration, Jasmine can fire energy orbs, make small protective shields, temporarily teleport (she rarely uses this ability seeing no use for it) and greatly increase her physical abilities. (Speed, agility, strength or mental sharpness) When she focuses enough, she even can advance the rate she recovers from blows. However,  she's still experimenting and learning this aspect of her semblance. She has grown to a point, where she's picky on what skill to use for what situation, and she has learned to even generate semi-solid chi constructs of objects, animals and sometimes people. Though she hasn't quite mastered this technique, when she tried making a spoon it ended up looking more like a bird. It takes time, concentration and energy to use her semblance. Side effect of using it include it being a strain on her aura, headaches, straining her mental awareness, numbness in her arms, and her eyes turning fully white. So she prefers to use energy spheres most of the time

   Brief history: Brought up under the teacher of her fathers, a famous hunstsmen. Though when she finished her training she was torn. Either continue training, or explore the world. Jasmine took the second option; since she'd been in a dojo most of her life. The idea of becoming a huntress struck her when she witnessed a helpless village being robbed. To seek adventure, meet new friends, and grow as a person are other reasons why she does it. Honestly, she never, in a million years would think she would become a leader.
Team. J.A.D.E.
Position: Leader
Theme song: One Women Army: by Porcelain Black.
Quotes: "Careful, this flower has thorns."
              "Yes, it does make you look fat."
               "As my father taught me, i wasn't used to things like  'socializing'. I was used to bruised hands and five mile hikes."
               "This comment."
                "Blah, blah, blah. Yeah I know, it's no secret. Scream it out to the world, and beyond. I don't get out much. There are you happy now?"
                "Thank you, now try and stay in formation."

Fun Fact; Jasmine has a fear of ants. Completely breaking down at the sight of them.
*note i do not own, RWBY it belongs to Rooster Teeth and to Monty Oum, all rights reserved. Do not copy, trace, or steal*
Champion of Metal
Next in Line is Flintmon's Master Level: Irondramon! Only 2 more to go, and all the master levels will be complete *dies from so much drawings.* But wait, Alpha there is still more work to do! Oh right, let's get on with the show!

Type: Virus
        Element: Metal
        Ancestors: Dragons's Roar. Metal being. Androids. The Forceful Tyrant of Nonrusting Metal.
Personality: Nearly the same as his rookie form, though, gritty when it comes to being polite and having manners. He mostly grumbles and huffs with annoyance most of the time, that may be due to a portion of his body being replaced with digitchromazoid metal. (Even some of his bones and internal organs!) The little pack along his spine is a magnetic field generator, which takes a little of the weight off his footsteps, and aids in some of his attacks.

Attacks: Multi-Fire Missiles ( The generator on his backs makes a humming sounds, as he crouches low to the ground. Then all the blue capsules rise into the air, launching at his enemy in groups of two.)
              Trip Wire Claw ( The segmented portions of his claws, retract inward, then they jut forward as he drives his talons into the ground. Then cords of blue energy sprouts from the earth, trapping and stumbling the limbs of his target, hitting them with painful stings.)
               Ion Tail. ( The end of his tail tip, starts to spins rapidly, a spider web-like casing forming from the bladed ends. Then a powerful orb blasts from the blaster, rocketing at the unlucky soul. Irondramon does this in a secession of four shots.)
               Iron Jaw. ( Extends his mouth, using the joints and hydraulics at each side, his teeth become covered in a dull silver energy, pouncing on his prey his locks his jaws over anything in front of it. Not letting go and waves of energy ebb off his head.)
               Welded Steel Blitz ( Charges  up his tail blaster, slowly coming low to the ground. Irondramon's body begins to glow in a dull silver light. His generator sends out pulses of magnetic energy, it makes all his capsules rise into the air again, but spin in tight circles of groups of three this time. Irondramon's lets out a mighty roar, and a stream of red energy blasts of of his tail, in time of the spinning wheels of capsules. The wheels and beam combine to form a deadly spiraling cone: which hits his foe with great froce. Though it drains him like a battery.)
*Do not copy, trace, or steal*


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again he replied with a no.
She had heard enough. As she walked away, tears streaming down her face the boy grabbed her arm and said....
"You're not pretty, you're beautiful. I don't want to be with you forever. I NEED to be
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Isn't that sweet? Tonight at midnight your
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