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*cartwheels out of the question*
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Greeting to all who love to be nerdy, geeky, or just love to be a fangirl when you're childhood hero walks through the door.
I'm a self-taught artist, who has a personality to all the crazy sides of me. From grotesque creatures that provokes the mad man in me, to cuddly pets that make me a little angel.
I draw whatever my awesome random mind creates. If only my hands could make it as awesome as i see it. From dragons, to dogs. Angels and demons. Even digimon and ponies. Enjoy this. RAWR!

Disclaimer Note ****(I do NOT own ANY of the stamps in this journal. I just got them and put them in, because their messages are awesome. All rights go to the proper, and respected owners. Please forgive me if you take it the wrong way. :'{ ) ****

Stuff about Alpha......

Stamp 1 by hecatehellPerfectionist Stamp by DavvrixDA Stamp - So Many Ideas... by phantompantherCharacter Stamp by Arpie Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatoriWriters Stamp by shadow-wolf-hauntsSo Many Books by LaPurrI love Feedback by Sweet-DooDo My OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatteLoves to RP stamp by Marlin-Rae Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86I talk to myself... by prosaixJoker Stamp by South-PolarisArt Geek Stamp by xoxostudios Fantasy+RealLife Stamp by Monkey-Girl146Imagination Stamp by Sycotei-BBook Sniffers Stamp by SailorSolarLove too many things by Shantella
Music Stamp by TaylorinchainsWishful Thinking by whispwillSagittarius zodiac stamp by r0ckmomChinese Zodiac: Rabbit by Frozen-lullaby

I enjoy the Rooster Teeth (all rights reversed) Web series: RWBY *hums red like roses theme*
rwby - time to say goodbye stamp by kawaiicunt-stampsPenny stamp by HystericDesignsRWBY Stamp by SpamCrackersLie Ren stamp by HystericDesignsRWBY-yellow-stamp by HystericDesignspenny - combat ready stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps Nora Valkyrie stamp by HystericDesignsPyrrha Nikos stamp by HystericDesignsRWBY - Yellow version by flowerangel050RWBY Fan Stamp by xXDigiRadianceXx

Let's Get DIGITAL!
I Miss Digimon Stamp by TheSnowDrifter Digimon - Gabumon Stamp by Colonel-Chicken Digimon Stamp : Matt Ishida IV by bluster-squall Digimon Stamp: Yolei Inou II by bluster-squall +Digimon Tamers Stamp+ by Blackgatomon +Guilmon Stamp+ by Blackgatomon I create my own digimon STAMP by CottonValent I wish... by CottonValent Family: Dragon's Roar by CottonValent Family: Nightmare Soldiers by CottonValent
Beelzemon stamp 3 by LadyBeelze Courage Stamp by L-mon Fire Symbol Stamp by L-mon Darkness Symbol Stamp by L-mon Stamp: Friendship by CosmicTao

Time to dwell in the dark side and odd......MUWHAHAahHAaH!!! *cough**cough**hack*
My stamp :D by crazy-mushroom freak Stamp by zilla774 Weird Stamp by Kojima2087 NERD Stamp by Kojima2087 Keep the WOLF in Werewolf by sugarpoultry Protected by Dragons stamp by purgatori Stupid Stamp by Trounced 'Dragon Fan' STAMP by Dragonnerd445 Book Sniffers Stamp by SailorSolar

*cartwheels around the world* As you could see from my tagline, I've got a screw loose somewhere. But hey, it's fine.

We're all mad here... -Stamp- by cos1163 Stamp 2 by Omicron- randomly weird stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz Stamp Insanity by Trasgo01 Mutant and Proud by woohooligan I am a Lion by Animal-Stamp Stamp by Cetix Fangirl Much Stamp by Kileaiya Responsible Brony Stamp by Sycotei-B Don't interupt by Wookiesarebetter

WHEW! That's alll folks! Alpha out- :iconlionroarplz:


Champion Of Magic
The next one for the digihunters is up, here we have Howlmon's champion form, Mysteriousmon. I edited this guy added an extra orb, the band on his tail, the purple paw pads, and only giving him one tail as to having three in the previous design. Not sure which one i'm going to do next, either the champion of Sand or Suramon.
Now bio time!
Type: Virus
        Height: 6ft 3in
        Weight: 238lbs
        Ancestors: Beast Warriors. Magic Users. Tricksters. The Masterful Mage of Trickery.
Personality: The same as Howlmon though a bit more talkative and expression than his rookie from. Sturdy and smart, more likely to use strategy than strength in battle. Often gives false moves and fakes out his opponent, loving trickery and misdirection. The collections of magical energy constantly shifts and changes shape around his neck.

Attacks: Fox Tail Slicer. (The band on his tail forms a long see-through blade of orange energy over his tail tip. With a flick of his tail, the blade spins towards the target.)
               Cape of Illusions. (Several pillars of the dark energy around his neck fly at the form. When they reach them, the pillar bombard the foe with a series of illusions, like the world being upside down, their worst fears, or that Mysteriousmon is in two places at once.)
                Cosmo Twister. (His mane of energy begins to spin rapidly, and the tufts of fur on his ankles gain little swirls of there own. With a mighty howl, the energy launches at a target in a tightly knit spiral. The ones on his ankles then fire next, one at a time, and but to four times.)
                 Nebula Orbs ( All the orbs rotating around his head, form up into a diamond shape, faint blue lines link up the orbs, then they start to spin in place rapidly. Then a concentrated point or purple light and flame forms in the center. It then shoots out at incredible force. Then one at a time, all the orbs fly out in a spinning blue shots from a roman candle.)
                 Galactic Star Rush. ( Mysteriousmon begins to chant in a strange mystic tongue, as the fur on his body darkens. A cone of sinister looking mist forms around each of the orbs, as they arrange themselves in a star pattern. With a snarl, he charges off full forced, the orbs making a high pitched humming sound. Mysteriousmon strikes with full forced, slashing and biting. Each orb rockets to the target, with a different magical effect. Ranging from, summoning a swarm of beetles, launching spikes, disappearing into smoke, multiplying, growing smaller, growing larger, and super speed.)

*do not copy, trace, or steal*
RWBY OC-Team C.O.P.R. Fullbody #2
Here we go, the next in time for team C.O.P.R, went a little bit different ways with the colors, and i darkened his hair highlights. Hands are getting a little easier for me, noses still drive me crazy, and glasses are kinda hard to do. Xp
Enough of me babbling, bio time!
Name: Odolf Lloyd Nuka
        Name Meaning:Odolf ( German for "a noble wolf".) Lloyd ( Celtic for "gray") Nuka. (Greenlandic for "younger siblings")
        Age: 18
        Gender: male
        Race: human
        Represented Color: Icy Blue
        Inspirations: Bill Gates. But of batman. Ties to Robin Hood in a bit of his morals.. Scy-fy for his equipment designs and weapons inspirations. Taking some of those points for his coat and tech pieces.
School/Kingdom: Heaven/ Mistral.
Hair Color: Brown dyed dark blue streaks.
Hair Style: Spiked. Braided rat tail.
Hair Length: Short. Tail is 4 in.
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Pale
Height: 5ft 7in
Weight: 98lbs
Body Type: Standard. Slightly skinny.
    Clothing Influences: Military soldiers (coats and uniforms) various aspects of scy-fy ad a bit of steam punk.
Notes: His combat coat is similar to a trench coat with tails. The flaps and edges are all lined with a mix of gray, brown, and white fur trim. A collection of which gathers at the tails. His boots have folded flaps. The material of his coat cuts off at the shoulder where his armor begins. With his knowledge, he made his outfit durable, yet lightweight, sturdy, and breathable. His arm guard contains a small grappling hook. *the three prongs over his wrist.) Which is used for reaching high places.

     Skills/Talents: Has a love and a lot of experience (compared to his teammates) in technology, computers, and all around tinkering. He has a love for music videos and is good at making them. His friends come to him right off the bat, when they've got any kind of technical difficulties drive them crazy.
      Personality: Odolf is a very likable kind of person. He often goes out of his way to prove himself to others, since he lacks key qualities a hunter needs. 1. Body strength. Can lift and train hard, but he'll still be a toothpick. 2. He finds most of the dangerous situations to be too much for him, which leads him to over complicating things with his big brain. Or just not engaging in the challenge entirely. 3. Brain over brawn. This sense of proving his worthiness, can often lead to other getting the wrong idea of him as a person. Seeing him as jumping the gun, or a little gun-hoe. Even have him and team C.O.P.R. in a more dire situation then they already were. However, he's gotten better at trying to be the hero, and goes and gather vital information about a battle and enemies for his team. Odolf is very nerdy and smart. 
        That is apparent by his collection of comics, merch, and outfits of his favorite character from anime. Although he looks boyish, he's actually the older brother to his sister. They get along, but act like their are polar opposites when they're not around each other, like most siblings do: they annoy the other to madness at times. But deep down they love each other. Odolf would often be the prankster of the pair, laughing as he ran from his sister wrath. Keeping his sister safe is a big reason why he decided to become a huntsmen.

Aura Color: Icy Blue.
Weapon: The Frozen Interface.
Weapon Type: Assault Rifle/ Twin cleavage swords.
Alt. Feature: Combine into a larger blade.
Weapon Style: Tactical firearm. Twin swords.

   Functions: A pair of medium sized cleavage-like blades that start bold, thick, and angular but slowly become smooth, light and slender. The thinnest part of Frozen Interface merges in the gun mode components. However, the way to hold it, (where the handle is) is by a gun handle like bar in the center section of the blades. Total blade length 3ft 11in. Though in relation to the blade and the gun components, the handles are at the very bottom of the blades: which are divided into different section that play a part in making the rifle. One one blade, there are components that look like a trigger, a scope, and other things. While the other blade mainly seems to have what the bulk of the rifle would be. odolf wear a belt holding three pouches, which contain slightly curved magazines filled with ice dust ammunition. He can load on into an opening on the right blade with a splash of dull brown near the handle. When a mag is leaded, he can pull the trigger to shot icy bullets. (blade in in a vertical position)
To combine into gun mode, he must join the blades by the components interlocking ends. (as if he were to form his larger blade.) The press a rectangular button, the blades will minimize and release their blue and gray metal pieces to wrap around the mid-section of the soon-to-be rifle. Locking  it together and forming the scope. The "handles" will create the handle and trigger portion, as well as the shoulder brace. The rest of the blocky parts will twist into place making the mag loading portion and the barrel of the rifle. (will explain more in weapons diagrams)
  Firing Mechanism: Like a standard rifle. Make sure the safety's off, there's ammo in it, cock the front pump-action handle back and pull the trigger.
Loading and Reloading: Put in a new mag, draw back the locking bar. Fire. Pull back the bar to release the mag of dust rounds. (He can turn a dial to redirect the flow of the dust. Which form a sort of  bayanette on the extended potion of the blades on the top part of the rifle, to carry it to the blade. Firing a beam of ice along with the rounds. Makes a howling sound.
Gun Mode: Combat, though has a bit of a recoil. Each made can hold 30 rounds of dust. Can use the bayanette for melee attacks.
Clothing Points: The main colors of his coat are gray, and dull brown. His cap or helmet with an angular visor on it can be moved to and from his eyes. It has several different modes: tactical. (sues his knowledge [he programmed it] to gather info of the opponents stats, weapons dust count, and fighting style preferences.) Has night visison, infrared, and schismatics breakdown. Each one is chosen by turning a circular par, marked by the first letter of each mode, to an arrow on the temple part of the capt and it will activate. He stores Frozen Interface on a pair of sheaths of in back in blade mode, which is buckled around his arms. His symbol in of the back of his shirt.

   Fighting Style: Strategic hits. Firearm, close up with his cleavage swords. Light on his feet and quick at combining his weapons with the info he gets form his helmet, and also using his grappling hook to get a higher vantage point.
   Strengths: Semblance. Not the strongest fighter but very agile and battle smart.
   Weaknesses: Poor stamina, Mainly uses his fire arm. Can tired quickly if he uses his heavy blades too much. His doubt and "heroic
     Recommendations: Tactical enforcement.

Semblance: Invisibility.
Color: Light blue
Description: Can alter/blur the way people see light around himself and other people, to look as though he's vanished. He can hold this for a long period of time, though it drains him like a battery. It's not a perfect vanished, since excessive movement can cause ripples in his little bubble. Takes a lot of concentration when there's more than just himself, or if he wants to make multiply objects disappear. Affected by his cowardice.
Brief History: Born to a human father, and a faunus mother. His sister got the traits of their mother which contributed to them drifting away from one another at times. Since they never could really understand since they are different in almost every way. As well as he tried to be a huntsmen like his dad without reeling from his mom's criticism, and defend his faunus sister. He looked to technology and comics for an escape from all the hardship in his dysfunctional family.  
Team: C.O.P.R
Position: Technician.
Theme Song: White and Nerdy by Weird Al.
Quotes: "It's not junk! It's my treasured set of limited edition manga books No, Peter don't get your greasy fingers on the cover!
"And........this is bad. Not my fault, but bad."
"You all will know what it's like to feel Frozen Interface's bullets on your face, on setting awesome!"
"I am the king of the iceberg!"

Fun Fact: He is constantly trying to upgrade and tinker with his friends weapons, which can lead to him getting on the wrong side of arguments with his team.

*Note i do not own RWBY, it belongs to Rooster Teeth and to Monty Oum. All rights reserved.*
*Do not copy, trace, or steal.*
Tarnished Spark Diagram #3
The final part of Carmela's weapon, this showing her glove design and the full firearm mode. Glad this one was short and sweet. I used my new pencil set i got for x-mas, these came all the way from Germany! and there awesome.
I edited the glove style to add in the red markings and alternating yellow and silver pattern.

*do not copy, trace, or steal.*
Champion of Water
The next in line of the Digimon Legends line: is Atlantamon's Champion form-> Hydrodramon. In terms of design changes, i added to different shades of green, altered her wing design, gave her horns and jaw spikes, added the gold rings on her scarf, and changed her front gloves to brown instead of red.
Fun facts: She is smaller than most of the other champions, but is very agile and is the only one who can swim/breath underwater.
bio mode activated!

Type: Data
        Ancestors: Dragons, Aquatic Warriors, Deep Savers, the Confident Queen of the Eternal Seas.
        Personality: The same joyous, energetic attitude as Atlantamon. Though with a sense of elegance and poise whenever she acts.

Attacks: Ocean Blast. (Opens her jaws to fire a stinging jet of salt water at her opponents, some pieces of seashells and coral are mixed in.)
              Jade Claws. (A blinding ray of green light covers her talons, she tears and slashes in an upward cutting motion.)
               Whirlpool Spiral. ( The spiral image on her wings start to gather as swirling current of water, getting faster and larger with each second. Until it collects into a large spinning vortex on her wings. With a strong flap, she sends the vortex careening to her target, the whirlpools colliding with each other when they make contact.) 
                 Tail-fin Twister. ( Sharp spikes of broken pieces of coral collect on the ends of her tail fin, small jets of hot geyser water shot out from holes in the coral. Getting a running start, then flipping her entire body over in a front flip, she smashes down with her tail on her enemy. She swipes her tail back and forth several times after the first hit.)

                  Dive-bomber Cannonball Splash. ( A funnel of water forms around Hydrodramon, three different colors of water with three different effects. Regular blue with cold temperature, green with pieces of seaweed, coral, seashells, and small marine animals floated about it, and red with blistering hot temperatures. With a mighty roar, she storms forwards, gaining speed and the water churning faster and faster. With a powerful leap she soaring through the air, pulling in her wings close to her body and curling into a tight ball. With a tilt of her head she plummets towards the earth, the three streams of water coiling into a twisted bundle. When she hits the ground, a sound similar to a firing cannonball pierces the air, and waves of water spill out in all directions. A very draining attack.)
*do not copy, trace, or steal*
Champion of Vemon
Here's the first champion for the digihunters line! Komodomon's champion level, Ventakamon. I redesigned this one in a few spots. First, i got rid of his chest strap since it serves no purpose, I changed the colors of his bands and talons (adding the extra toe on the back feet) added the chin spike, changed up his eyebrow antenna, and tweaked the colors of his spikes and patterns.
bio time:

Level: Champion
Type: Virus
Ancestors: Dragon's Roar. Nightmare Soldiers. Vemon Eaters. The Infectious snake of Eternal Poison.
Personality: The same as Komodomon, but with a far more sly attitude and aggressive nature. Very loyal to Kiara, in fact, she the only one he listens to, or has some sense of protectiveness over. Anything else is just a hurdle to leap over. Fun Fact: There is a potent venom in his teeth had can corrode and infect an opponents data. Slowly erasing it, and even causing memory loss.
Height: 6ft 11in
Weight: 478lbs

Attacks: Poison Stream. ( A bright green, liquid jet blasts from his mouth. Blinding anyone caught in it's path.)

Venom Slash: ( His talons are encased in a jagged line of energy, rakes in blind vicious blows. The talon marks leave stinging wounds on his target. Which burn immensely. )

Stinging Strike: ( Ventakamon's back full of spikes seem to grow sharper, and coated in a noxious gas. With an angry hiss the spikes launch from his back, row by row traveling at high speeds towards his opponent. )

Titanic Tail Smash ( A field of energy encases his tail, forming a club-like structure. Then he flips himself over forward, slamming his tail into the foe. Then he does it three more times over.)

Knock Out Cloud ( Taking in a sharp breath, when he exhales a billowing cloud of purple and green gas burst out of his mouth and hangs over like an eerie fog over his prey. Impudently they begin to hack and cough, soon falling into unconsciousness. )

Corrosive Toxic Blast. ( All his spikes, talons and scales begin to glow a dull violet color. Ventakamon then curls himself up his a snake ready to strike. His jaws start to drool, a light green substance which acts like acid on the ground, and it starts to seep from the spaces of his spikes and scales. Until clumps of the substance start to building up on his joints. As he scream blast, a shock wave of the clumps of the substance, and a funnel jet from his mouth fly in all directions. The substance has its data and memory eroding properties, and is referred to as getting a 1000 bee stings. Though it takes all the energy out of him)

*do not copy,trace, or steal.*
Digimon Legends-Champion of Earth
Finally got the champion (or master) level done of Titarusmon! In terms of editing the design I changed up the shades of green for his stripes, feet and muzzle instead of just being only single color. Exaggerated his hair line and added the brown tips, as well as the set of bands on his front legs.

      Name: Amazarmon
      Type: Data
      Ancestors: Beast Spirits. Jungle Warrior. The Master of impenetrable Earth.
      Gender: Male
       Personality: The same as Titarusmon, though he has a bit more patience when in battle. Very strong and agile.
Attacks: Razor Wheel. (The runs as fast as he reach, then with a powerful leap he barrels over and over. Gaining speed with each spin. It continues until the jagged line of sharp-edged fur on his back appears as if its a spinning buzz saw blade. Acts in the same manner as well, cutting through enemies defenses and solid oak.)
              Vine Cage. ( Sinks his claws into the ground, with start to sprout little saplings from them. A moments later a mighty tangle of vines and leaves burst from the ground under at target. Growing and wrapping around them, tightly until a cocoon of vines encases them.)
              Sharpened Thorn Shower. ( Rows and rows of crackling brambles grow from the brow tips of his spiked edge of fur. With a rough shake of his body, the thorns are sent flying into the air, coming down in a wide arc.)
              Tree-top Take down. ( Amazarmon leaps forward in a mighty pounce, twisted his body mid-jump, and bright green energy encases his claws and paws. Then he rockets downward in a sudden burst of velocity at his target. Slamming down with all his might: about 450 pounds of force.)
              Stoneskin Knuckle Driver. ( His strongest attack. Amazarmon growls fiercely, driving his front and back legs into the ground beneath him: up to his elbows and knees. Then he slowly removes each limb, one by one from the ground. A thick layer of dark brown rock covers his legs, ending in a set of three wide, granite jagged spikes, coming up where his claws should be. With a fierce snarl, he barrels towards his target, tearing up the ground and earth as he goes. Then Amazarmon strikes first with his right stone knuckle, knocking his foe skyward, then he pounces up and kicks hard with his back legs. Sending his foe back to the ground, and creating a wide circle of cracked and broken pieces of earth. Amazarmon raises his front claws, as the stone from his back legs removes itself and adds onto another layer and another set of spikes on his front legs. Diving to the ground, he delivers two extremely powerful punches to his foe, further breaking the ground to a point where large slabs are broken and are at odd angles. When he lands, Amazarmon's body is rid of the stone and is quite exhausted.)

*do not copy, trace, or steal*
Should I or should i not consider start to do commissions? If I do, anyone got any advice for a newbie?
Tarnished Spark Diagram #2
*Note i do not own RWBY, it belongs to Rooster Teeth and to Monty Oum. All rights reserved*

This is the second part of the diagrams of Tarnished Spark for Carmela. This one showcases some of the many features this versatile weapon holds. Now let's get done to the nitty gritty.

[First row, first image]
This is of a side view of the many ammunition magazines stored in Carmela's leg armor. From this angle the securing tabs around clearly seen, it's colors, as well as two other odd things. The pair of tiny rows of thick, reinforced glass (a.k.a. "viewing glass") lets the fighter view how many more rounds are in each cartridge. Keeping track of them by the red decal stripe on each one. As well as the round old and silver disc. This plays and important part in guiding the bullets to the firearm system of Tarnished Spark. Turning each pair slowly so that the tip face almost nearly forward: as the twin gun barrels attach to their partner blades, the discs fully turn the bullets to a vertical before they are slide into position. Ready to move to the barrels, and the partial dust/firearm chamber of the blades when everything comes together.

[First row, second image.]
Frontal view of a magazine. Shows the rows of viewing glass and it's trapezoidal profile.

[First row, third image. ]
A close-up view of a single bullet for Tarnished Spark. The design is similar to a 7.62mm x 39mm cartridge of the hunting rifle class bullets. There is the standard red stripe all the way around the shell of the bullet. While the tip has a compacted end of fire dust in it's powered form. A thin layer of  foil covers and protects the tip of the bullet to ensure it doesn't go off from being transported to the barrels.

[Second row first and last images]
These two are a sort of before and after of Tarnish Spark's first, and most used form. Carmela puts this into motion by throwing her arms down, in and "X" motion, crossing one over the other to starts off. Then all the blades lock in place, seven inches in front of her knuckles when she strikes a battle stance.

[Third row, first, second, and last images.]

This is a 3-part, movement phase for the secondary form of Tarnished Spark. This brings the weapon into a more defensive configuration. To start this sequence, Carmela rotates each of her arms in a full circle. Blades 1 and 3 will raise up from their ordinary sunken form, then as Carmela rotates her arms so do blades 1 and 3, until they've done a full 180 degree turn while simultaneously bringing the sharp end of the blades facing the rear of the weapon. When Carmela strikes her stance the two newly rotated blades will compress to the center blade for a flush profile. Carmela can do the reverse to return the blades to their original position.
To return from the offensive form, or to retract the blades back, Carmela can simply tap her fists together to deactivate them.

*Do no copy,trace or steal.*


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