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Epsidoe 5 (Updated)
Digimon legends episode 5- double evolution  
by Alphalionleader, Moments ago
Journals / Personal
The band of humans who were newly made friends, did their best efforts to heal their wounded digimon friends, after the assault made by the sourly introduced "digihunters." Though their feeble attempts consisted of torn pieces of fabric,a mucky cloth rag, and a hallowed out piece of wood tied with leaves at one end was used to collect water from a nearby stream. Even though almost all of the water leaked out through the leaves and onto the ground before it could be used to clean away dirt, bruises, and small cuts on the rookies. The brutal sudden attack from the digihunters, took a nasty toll on the group.
   "Man, those dudes acted like they were running the show." RJ said with annoyance. His eyes were filled with worry for the hurt wolf Staticmon, whom was greatly bruised from his shoulders down.
    "Tell me about it." Terry added fr
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Greeting to all who love to be nerdy, geeky, or just love to be a fangirl when you're childhood hero walks through the door.
I'm a self-taught artist, who has a personality to all the crazy sides of me. From grotesque creatures that provokes the mad man in me, to cuddly pets that make me a little angel.
I draw whatever my awesome random mind creates. If only my hands could make it as awesome as i see it. From dragons, to dogs. Angels and demons. Even digimon and ponies. Enjoy this. RAWR!

Disclaimer Note ****(I do NOT own ANY of the stamps in this journal. I just got them and put them in, because their messages are awesome. All rights go to the proper, and respected owners. Please forgive me if you take it the wrong way. :'{ ) ****

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*cartwheels around the world* As you could see from my tagline, I've got a screw loose somewhere. But hey, it's fine.

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Champion of Thunder
There is is....finally the last champion for the digihunters. There, i'm done! it's finished. * collapses from exhaustion* Though, there is still work to be done, come lets get it over with!
Name: Kongdramon
        Type: virus
         Element: Thunder
         Level: Master
         Height: 6fy 11 in
         Weight: 450lbs
          Ancestors: Beast Spirits, Jungle Troopers, Guerilla Fighters, and the Tribeman of Splitting Thunder
Personality: Similar to his rookie form, yet Kongdramon is a more aggressive and somewhat brash ape in his Master form. Often putting reason to the wind and roaring into battle. This native appearance gives other digimon the illusion that he's a peaceful, shaman type champion. However, when he sees an opening he will pounce on it, eager to win. Another thing that hasn't changed is his "bodyguard" Status that his partner  Taylor Grace strictly makes him follow.

Attacks: Thunder Roar [ Inhales deeply, filling his lungs with all the air they can take in. When he opens his mouth again, the air and sound starts rippling forward in a loud, echoing angry roar.]
               Shaman Ground Pound [ Clenches his fists, which soon have spheres of blue energy encasing them. Leaping into the air, the slams both his fists down, hitting the ground with powerful punches. The shock waves of his punches release bands of blue energy ebbing of his being. He continues to destroy the earth under his feet,while turning in a tight circle, or a period as long as five minutes]
                Piercing  Knife [ Tightens his grip on his Arrow Head Knife, then with a grunt he leaps into the air. He channels energy from the air into the end of the knife. After a streaking cone forms around the arrow head, Kongdramon launches the knife, the weapon piercing the air; generating a sort of popping sound. The knife nails a target at fast speeds.]
                  Sonic Whoop [ Unleashes a booming funnel of sound from his mouth, in a shrill whoop from his throat. He pounds on his chest with his hands, grunting as he whoops. The pounding of his chest sends pulses of of sounds through the funnel, making it wider with each pound]
                 Native Thunderstorm Ritual. [ Kongdramon sit on the ground, cross-legged, with his arms on his eyes and his eyes closed. All the purple of his fur begins to glow in a dull light, as he starts to chant in an ancient tongue. As his chant continues, a storm clouds starts to collect and condense over his head. Kongdramon cups his hands together just as lighting and thunder erupt from the now black storm clouds. With the final phrase of his chant, two waves of purple energy ebb off himself; forming into two auras of himself. Both aura-versions Kongdramon has no colors to there eyes and are see-through thin. In a quick movement Kongdramon leaps to his feet, thrusting his arms forward. The auras mimic his action. The thunderstorm cloud coils around his, and the auras, arms. The clouds coils shoot out from their arms in tightly wound bundles, launching at a chosen target like misses of cloud and thunder. Afterwards, the storm and the two auras vanish, leaving a very tired ape.}

*do not copy trace, or steal*
Digimon legends episode 5- double evolution  

by Alphalionleader, Moments ago
Journals / Personal

The band of humans who were newly made friends, did their best efforts to heal their wounded digimon friends, after the assault made by the sourly introduced "digihunters." Though their feeble attempts consisted of torn pieces of fabric,a mucky cloth rag, and a hallowed out piece of wood tied with leaves at one end was used to collect water from a nearby stream. Even though almost all of the water leaked out through the leaves and onto the ground before it could be used to clean away dirt, bruises, and small cuts on the rookies. The brutal sudden attack from the digihunters, took a nasty toll on the group.
   "Man, those dudes acted like they were running the show." RJ said with annoyance. His eyes were filled with worry for the hurt wolf Staticmon, whom was greatly bruised from his shoulders down.
    "Tell me about it." Terry added from where he was, beside Screechmon. He tried to sit the bird up, but he would only groan and flop back down. Mumbling something about his ankles.
    "Yeah, and did you see the look in their eyes? The colors? It was inhuman! That would explain why they had no sense of logical reason or, compassion for that matter." Grath proclaimed after he bandaged up Ferezzamon's sprained paw. Using a loose strip of a small rag he had in his backpack. It fell out when he opened the top, hidden among a net of cables when he searched for anything of use to aid the little bear.
     "I know.I t gave me the chills just thinking about it." Victoria said shivering a bit.
Sarah sat on a decaying log, rubbing her hands together as she thought. It seemed unfair that her "partner", Renotomon, was the only rookie out of all the digimon who was uninjured. Then again; if it weren't for him, the all would have been paralyzed by the Poison Thread attack. She sighed and got up from her sitting position.
     "Well, isn't this the best thing ever?" She said with blatant sarcasm to the others.
     "I agree. But may I almost point out, that our position isn't very good either. We can't just keep on wondering around this place aimlessly. We would need to find a subtitle shelter sooner or later." Grath implored,adjusting his glasses.
     "Plus we need better methods to heal these guys. Some water and a few rags aren't gonna do much." Andy told, looking at the tired Titarusmon by his feet.

     Lily, being the youngest member of the groups was frightened. Not just because of frightening and dangerous things that inhabited with threatening people, but for Atlantamon. The poor blue dino only wanted to make friendly contact with the new faces she saw, but instead she got a sucker punch to the face by that mean lizard Komodomon. Then things went from bad, to worse when she dueled the cheeky Hayamon.
             "Any ideas on where we can go?" Vincent grumbled. He held a damp piece of his shirt against a small gash on Falconmon's cheek.
              "W-well....there is that place where....I think there was m-medicine of some kind." Renotomon proclaimed,his voice weary and sore. When he stood up, he wobbled around trying to get his balance.Instantly Sarah knelled in front of him:concern painted on her face."Hey Renotomon, are you okay?" She said looking him over.He had a few bumps and bruises on his arms and legs but nothing major and he was fine a minute ago.
  The lion shrugged, running his clawed hand over his face and through his flared mane. "I....guess.I'm just r-really,tired." He yawned and was one the verge of falling over he was leaning so far forward. "And....sore." Before he could say another word, Renotomon groaned, his body shaking. Then his legs buckled and he tumbled to the sandy ground. Sarah jolted forward, catching Renotomon in her arms before his face could collide with the ground. "Renotomon?" She said in shock."W-what's the matter?" Her voice cracked from the anxiety that was rising in her veins.
                "I think he's burnt out Sarah." Andy claimed looking her way.
                "He's what?" It only made her more confused and worried for the passed out, oversized cat in her arms.
                "He's exhausted,out of energy. I would think so, what with him fighting off all those other digimon,then saving our butts. Not to mention doing that strong attack,and using the Data Drive to seal the deal. It must of used up all his strength, and he just," Terry whistled which started off high pitched, but slowly grew lower and stopped quickly.It was similar to a falling object dropped from a high point before hitting the ground. "Burnt out." He finished.

             A rustling came in the bushes being them, followed by a chorus of soft childish giggling. Lily paired up form her worried pout over Atlantamon, looking towards the bushes with a tilt of her head.Curious, he walked the small slope where they have chosen to tend to the wounded,and peered over at the bush ."Hello? Anyone there?" The New Yorker girl squeaked.To her surprise, four figures leaped out of the bush. They had flower-shaped hands,heads,and feet with stubby leafy toes.They all had their arms in the air,with wide cheery smiles on their odd formed faces. Lily yelped in shock, as well as fear backing away from the strange plant-like beings.Sarah and Andy rushed over to her distress call, leaving their fallen partners on the ground with the others.
             "What's going on?" The Texan asked. He already had his fists up in a attack stance.
             "Are you alright Lily?" Sarah said when she reached the frightened girl, who was hiding behind her hands.
     Andy groaned when he saw the strange plant creatures. "Great...more digital-weirdo's." His statement was blow off course when his D-scanner began to vibrate.Taking it off his belt,he blinked as a square hologram beam appeared out from the screen of the digivice. On it was the image of the 'digital weirdo's, with lines of information under the little see through picture. "Well strike me a fool. It says that they're called Floramon:a data type, plant digimon. They like to cook, garden, and dance. Their signature attack is the Rain of Pollen." Andy but his digivice back on his belt when the hologram vanished.
    A Floramon with a brown band on it's wrist stepped forward towards Lily. "I'm sorry. Did we scare you?" The young girl was still a bit rough and shaken, but at least she wasn't hiding behind her hands anymore.
    Another plant rookie looked at the humans. "We noticed that you were in a pinch,and couldn't help but come over. If you want, we can offer healing to your hurt friends,as well as about anything else you might need back at our village. Its not far from here." Said the digimon,pointing west with a petal-like hand..
    Vincent walked over with his hands in his pockets. "Really? I don't think we should jump to conclusions guys. We don't know if we can trust these bud-heads."  Though his sister scoffed as his comment, glaring at him. "Vincent be nice! Not all digimon are nasty, and want to beat us up. Besides,their offering to help us. Who are we to pass up the chance to get help? "
      The Floramon nodded. "Indeed. Follow us!" Then they stared off. Their movements were quick and dance-like.
      With the plant rookies guiding them, the humans walked behind. With the sense of concern for their digimon partners, they either held the wounded creatures in their arms, or on their backs. For they were to weak to even walk. Even Renotomon,was carried in Sarah's arms as she followed slightly behind the others. Her face was scrunched up with effort and her arms ached from carrying her partner.     The group followed the still frolicking Floramon in a loose cluster, trekking north for several minutes, until a large village with wooden huts came into view.Floramon populated it, in every corner and every spare bit of space.
        After being lead into the village,the group of Floramon pointed the humans to a large wood and stone hut that had white blanketed hospital beds inside,while modern looking medial supplies were stacked in corners.Or bottles of liquids and ointments were places on a tall wooden table near the entrance of the hut.
       Each teen gently placed their partner on a separate bed, where a Floramon quickly tended went up to them examining the rookies before dashing to the medical supplies. It was strange to see the Floramon grab things with their flower petal-like hands, that a only had a curled vine or something similar to it, as a appendage.
      With the rookies in care, the group was lead into another hut that had round tables,chairs,and a feast of goodies laid in front of them. Their was steaming blows of soup, three different kinds of bread, a large pile of roasted meat apples, bubbly drinks, and a stack of cabbages that came in a rainbow of colors.
          "Help yourselves!" Cheered the Floramon.
          The sight of food caused a bit of a human stampede in the hut. Andy and RJ made the pile of roasted meet apples a thing of the past, while Grath and Terry munched on the bread. Vincent sampled a blue-colored cabbage,while his sister and Lily sipped at the soup. Only Sarah was absent from the tables.She leaned against the frame of the door, staring into space. Her hands fiddled with the crimson red rims of her goggles, lightly shifting them from their original spot on her hat a few centimeters, before they fell back into place.
         Andy came over with two of the bubbly drinks in his hands. "Hey Sarah. Aren't you joining us?"
         "Nah. I'm not hungry." She replied, her voice distant.
          The western boy stared at her for a few seconds then grinned. "You're worried about the little guys are you?" He told mentioning their partners.
          Surprise was in her expression.Then it turned to annoyance. "Well yeah, I mean. They got creamed out there! They were just trying to protect us, and they paid the price. Isn't it our right to help them in return? I feel like I'm not doing my part by just, waiting in the sidelines, and watch Renotomon, or any of them risk their lives for something we hardly know the reasons behind!" Sarah cried.
She threw her arms in the air, and dug her foot into the soil of the village.The brown earth stained the toe of her red and black sneakers. She sighed. If her mom were here to see the mess on her shoes, she would blow a gasket. The thought of her family back in the real world made her pause, sadness plucking at her heart.
           Andy nodded, handing her one of the drinks. "I get ya'. I wish I could knock each one of those smart-alic digihunters for what they did, but we just need to get through this day. Everything will be alright."
            Sarah sighed, taking a sip of the beverage. It was startlingly sweet. "I guess your right."
            Then the two went back inside the hut to join the others, who continued to eat  and make small conversations.

         After sun-down in the village, the Floramon provided places for the gang to sleep. Which they were thankful for that, for they practically passed out when they got onto their mattress's. Welcoming the comfort of soft pillows and blankets. The sound of snoring soon filled the room.

                Hours after Sarah and her friends went to sleep, one of the rookies figures stirred. "Ugh..what happened?" Titarusmon asked sitting up.                              
            On the bed next to him, Renotomon was beginning to stir as well,he opened his eyes slowly and yawned.Stretching his limbs and shaking his wild mane of crimson fur. "Man I needed that nap. " Renotomon looked to his left to see a groggy Titarusmon just coming to consciousness. "Hey, pal." Renotomon said in his brisk voice.
             "Did I get hit by a tree or something?" Titarusmon asked, rubbing a hand on the back of his head.
              Renotomon leaped and swung his legs over the bed and hopped to the sandy floor of the hut. "No. We all got beat up when we fought the digihunters. Though I managed to beat them back a bit, before they...vanished. Except," He chuckled. His face blushing in embarrassment. " I kinda used my strong attack and the Data Drive, which drained me quick."
             A loud thump caught their attention. The sound came from somewhere outside, as if a large object was slammed to the ground. It didn't stop, in fact the thumping continued in a pattern of four thumps, and it was getting louder by the second. Both of the feline digimon's ears perked up.
            "You heard that, right?" Titarusmon asked.
            "Yep." The red and gold lion replied. "We should warn the others." Renotomon suggested, then the two of them jogged out to the hut where the humans were sleeping.
                   Just at the edge of the treeline came two large lumbering creatures stomping into the Floramon villages. Their eyes were completely stark black, with parts of grey skin, and glowing faintly in sinister light.There was a strange medallion-like thing was attacked around their neck by a long silvery chain,the plate had weird markings on it and colored black and purple.                                          The pair of Manochromon, stopped their droning march, then opened their mouths. A barrage of dozens of rocky fireballs flew in a tall arc at the village in their Volcanic Strike attack.
           "Sarah, get up!" Renotomon said nudging his friend. Titarusmon did the same to Andy, who was drooling into his hat.
 The girl opened her eyes groggily. "Huh...What's going on?" The loud sound of an series of explosions woke her up fully, as well did it for the others: whom were sort of  panicking.
          "What was that!?" Lily told sounding scared.
           Grath snorted as he woke up. "Ah!" He searched the floor next to him, looking for his glasses.
           RJ still was asleep a bit. "Ugh...five more minutes mom. "He mumbled, pulled a thick blanket over his head.
                   Chaos went on as the Floramon ran around in panic. "The village is being attacked!" One of them told looking at the sleepy humans. Meanwhile, more fireballs flew as the Manochromon attacked again, not pausing or moving from where they stood:they seemed to be under a spell of some kind.
                     Sarah and Andy threw the blankets off themselves and sprang to their feet. Sarah stopped in her tracks when she saw Renotomon up and about. "Rentotomon, but I thought your were resting?" She questioned. The rookie puffed out his chest and grinned.
           "I'm all better now!" He declared bearing his sharp teeth.
           "Same here!" Titarusmon threw a fist in the air at his notion. Andy shook himself awake, planting his western hat on his head, before standing up straight.          
          "What's the matter?" He asked.
          "There's a pair of Manochromon attacking the Floramon village, and they don't look like they're slowing down anytime soon." Renotomon explained.
           Sarah straightened her googles on her hat. "Well, the others are still resting from the duel with the digihunters, so I guess we're going to have to make due with what fighting force we have." There was a bit of foreboding in her voice, but she swallowed it back.
           "Well then, let's give it too them." Titarusmon cracked his knuckles with a pleasured expression. Sensing the good mood in the air, Andy and Sarah took off with their partners close behind. When they reached the armored dino's, their expression's were firm.              "Time for a rodeo." Andy proclaimed as Titarusmon got into a fighting stance.
          "Its one thing to mess with my friends. It another when we we're just getting some sleep!" Sarah growled. Renotomon clenched his fists, crouching low to the ground.
           Both champion digimon faced them, soulless eyes glowing dimly. "Its those children from the human world. " One of them said.     " We will destroy them in the name of the dark one!" It roared.
          "Get' em!" Both teens called. Then both feline rookies charged at them.
          "Fire Claw!" Renotomon slashed at the champion to the right with fire-caked claws. Though the armored digimon just laughed as if it were nothing, then rammed into him with the horn growing from his face; sending the little lion rookie soaring, and crashing to the dusty ground. Though the lion was stubborn, and he got back up on shaky legs hissing in annoyance. The edges of his red mane were beginning to sizzle and crackle in small embers.  
           "Solar Blast!" Before his entire mane ignited in a bright yellow and orange flame,surging forward in a billowing stream around his head. The attack knocked one Manochromon back a few feet, though it only seemed to make him angrier. For the champion charged like a rhino, thrusting it's spiked head against the body of Rentomon. Who cried out in pain and was thrown to the side like a rag doll. Face planting into the ground.  
          "Renotomon!" Sarah called in fear. She started running to his side, but the large form of the Manochromon blocked her path.
          "Vine Whip!" Titarusmon tried a different attack, hoping he would have better luck. His fingers turned into long vines that had thorns growing from them, and then he snapped them onto the hide of the looming opponent.The Manochromon was stunned for a few moments, but spun around, slamming his tail into the green/grey feline. The rookie loudly shouted in pain as he was knocked back towards a tree, while the vines that were growing his his fingers shriveled and darkened until they broke away into lifeless pieces at his feet.
            "Titarusmon!" Andy called in worry. He too went to see how badly injured his friend was, but the other large dinosaur steeped in front of him, preventing it.
            "Volcanic Strike!" Large balls of fire shot into the air, soaring down upon the two fallen digimon. Behind them their humans were startled at what just happened, but also they were angry at the champions.  
        No, it can't end like this. Renotomon saved me once before, and I won't have him become defeated. He just barely saved us from those digihunters, only to get exhausted and bruised and he did protect me to protect all of us. Though I can't just be expected to be a bystander all the time, not with the others, Andy, Terry, Lily, Grath, RJ, Vincent and Victoria who are all rallying behind me. Expecting me to set an example for them, lead them, in a way. Which I don't even think I can do, but I have to at least...try to.   Those stupid Manochromon! If only I was stronger...if only I had the strength and skills to be brave and lead others in the way Renotomon encourages me and the others. If only, I burned with life and glory like he goes. Sarah thought, clenched her fists to her sides.
            I should have been with Titarusmon when he was in the infirmary. What kind of friend am I, if I can't keep him safe? What does that say about me then, that the others don't think I can be with them when the going gets rough? I need to prove that I can help and support my friends. Not just with words, but with actions, so they truly know that I will be consistent and true with my state of being. Since not being a loyal friend, would mean I'm not much of a friend in the first place. I'll knock those lame dino into extinction! If only, I were stronger.....if only I were as sturdy and though like the earth, in the way the Titarusmon is......Andy discussed in his mind.
   At that moment, both of their D-scanners began to glow. Sarah in a brilliant crimson red, Andy in sharp emerald green. Perplexed, they held the devices in their hands. "Huh?" was their response.
       The colored light engulfed the rookie digimon, and the fiery attack from the Manochromon, who took the moment of confusion to their advantage, was vaporized by it.  "What!?" Told the champions digimon is dismay.                                                                   Renotomon and Titarusmon slowly rose to there feet, looking stronger. "Sarah. I fell you're strength of a  growing leader, flowing through me! We can beat this enemy together!" His yellow-furred feline told. His partner nodded in response.
"Andy. You too are giving me power! With our loyalty, we can beat any foe we face. Together we are mighty!" Titarusmon said with his hands in the air. The western boy nodded with a tip of his hat.

           Just like the previous rise evolution, the two teens went through the next stage of digivolution as if by instincts. Red fiery data engulfed Sarah, while green earthy code swarmed around Andy. Each of them pressed the first rounded triangular button on their own D-scanner's, then prepared to uploaded the data. With a strong cry, they held up their hands towards the sky. A field of fire covered the hand of the girl from Floridia, and a layer of foliage and small stones was over the Texan's.
          "Legends foretold! Master evolution, online!" As the words were spoken, each human slid their hands across the notch on the top right corner of their digivice. Then a wave of elemental data dragged the two rookie digimon.
 "Renotomon...Master evolve to....!" A wave of fire covered Renotomon's body as the elemental data coarse through him.
Fire by Alphalionleader
The fire cleared leaving scorched ground and smoldering plant life,  revealing a new large creature, who roared loudly with pride. "Flarenomon!!"  Sarah marveled as her partner's new form.

"Titarusmon...Master evolve to...!" Green data, and clanking stone covered the rookie as the next stage of his digivolution was activated.
Earth by Alphalionleader
With a fierce growl, and landing in a circle of stone pillars he proudly called his  name. "Amazarmon!" Andy cheered at the sight of him.

     The pair of Manochromon looked discouraged, but reared forward, ready to charge.  Beside their human partners, the master feline digimon stood their ground. "Time to teach you a lesson." Flarenomon growled, his mane glowing brighter, it seemed to be made entirely out of fire, as was the tip of his tail.
                          "And to put you in you're places." Amazarmon added, crouching low.
                           "WOW! This is too cool!" Andy said with excitement. "Those dino's don't stand a chance!" Sarah replied.
All four, master/champion level digimon charged at one another; with the red-eyed ones aiming their horns down. Flarenomon dodged several jabs from his opponent, then back up for enough clearance so he could do his attack.
                     "Scorching Roar!" A jet of bright flame shot out of his mouth, swirling into a funnel, as it hit the Manochromon dead on at his head. Then after a few seconds, he went into another. " Blazing Claw Slash!" In furious strokes, he hammered the champion digimon in a blur of solid red fire that engulfed his claws.
Afterwards, the dino fell to the ground, and the strange medallion around his neck shattered into a million pieces. Causing his eyes to not be black anymore. The Manochromon looked around in confusion, then moaned, shaking his head slightly.
Andy noticed the shatter of the object. "Aim for the medallion!" He called to Amazarmon, who replied  with a "Got it!"  He charged at the champion, and leaped into the air. "Razor Wheel!" Amazarmon ran forward and leaped before he spun around in rapid circles, the hair along his back forming into a buzz saw like fixture. The spinning "blade" cut against the chain around the Manochromon's neck, easily snapping it. Amazarmon landed on the ground it a skid, then smiled with satisfaction at the shatter of the medallion.
  Both of the fire-spitting champions blinked, looking at one another in bewilderment, then at the human with their partners. A moment later their stood to their feet, then calmly turned around and walked off into the tree line. 
      Andy and Sarah cheered at the victory, staring up at their partner's faces with joy. Moments later, clamping footsteps sounded, and the rest of the group arrived. With Frezzamon and Dovemon following behind, looking much better.
                  "What happened?" Grath wondered.
                  "Where are the Manochromon?" Terry said looking around.
                  "Whoa....what happened to them?" RJ told, pointing to the master digimon. The rest of the group stared in awe.
 The holders of the gold and green D-scanner's  smiled with their large digimon behind them. "Its a long story." Sarah chimed.
Champion of Plasma
Well here is the Master form of Radazmon, finally. i've only got one more left and the digihunters champions are complete! (now it only i can have that kind of progress for the Legends. oh well)
Have fun finding and combines a color palette for this guy, gaze upon it's vibrancy!


Name: Lazerdramon.
Element: Plasma
Type: Virus
Gender: Male
Ancestors: Dragon's Roar. Nightmare Soldiers. Creator of the Precise Radiation.
   Personality: Nearly equal to his rookie form, though it shifts to a digimon who carefully plans his every move in battle. Coming up with detailed attacks and actions, all in the goal of him gaining a precise blow at his target. He is still bound by the control of Voidmon, yet (like the rest of the digihunter champions) will protect his partner Sam, with every atom of his being.

Attacks: Plasma Pistol [ Quickly draw the twin pistol from the holsters of his belt, then fires a rapid succession of a dozen bullets at his target. the bullets looking like flying balls of neon green energy.]
                Devil's Horn Beam [ His horns are enveloped in a full bright orange glow. A compacted ball of energy in the same color begins to form in the space between his horns. With a thrust of his head, a powerful beam blasts from his horns. It's aimed at wherever his head is pointed.]
                 Atom Crusher [ The purple of his arms starts emitting waves of energy. In the palms of his hands, small atoms begins to forms; with the rotating rings of electrons and everything. As the waves increase, so do the sizes of the atoms spheres. At the point where they are the size of soccer balls, Lazerdramon smashes his hands together. The results is a billowing cloud of atomic particles.]
                 Emperors Blade. [ What looks like green lighting forms around his mane of hair. He grabs one of the bolts in each hand, as the lighting takes on a more vertical and solid shape; like that of a sword. With a snarl, he throws the lightning bolts with great force at his foe.]
                  Radiation Fusion Stream: [ All of the light green areas of Lazerdramon's boy begin to glow in dull light. He crosses his arms across his chest, and folds in his wings close to his boy as coils of neon green electrons and ropes of bright orange protons begins to swirl around him. The air around his begins to buzz with the increasing movement of the atomic particles as a total of six ropes (three green, three orange) come into a loose braid. As he yells 'Stream' the ropes sharply bend at a 90 degree angle, just as Lazerdramon uncrosses his arms in a quick motion. The ropes spiral in a cascading twister of colors towards his prey, colliding in a massive explosion of green and orange. Each rope going off one by one. When the plasma dust clears, Lazerdramon is left grinning yet his molecular resources have been spent.]

*do not copy, trace or steal*
Shengyin Daopian Diagrams #2
*The second, and last installment of Aidan's weapon diagrams. Man, it's hard to keep track of all those shades of orange. Now i'm tired lets get it done!

First row, topmost image. [The inner circle of the gong. Acts like an activation button. When pressed the weapons Shuriken mode is launched]
       First row, large image [The throwing star mode of Shengyin Daopian. Having a total of 14 sharp, razor edged blades. Some strong and straight, while others are curved.]
       First row, pair of images.  { A divided version of the engraved "bead" on the weapon handle. Part of the next weapon mode.}
       Second row, rightmost image [ The first stage in the final mode of the gong, Aidan divide the whole of Shengyin Daopian in half.]
       Second row, middle image [ The next part of changing the gong into it's final mode. After the engraved bead is splits Aidan needs to fold the rest of the handles up against the back plate. Placing them flush in a half circle on each half.]
       Third row image 4a [ Shows a profile of each gong half after the handles have been folded]
       Third row, image 4b [ The second part of the change. The second ring of the gong ( where all the spaces are) lifts up from the rest of the body, about two inches on little extended posts. ]
       Third row, image 4c [ The body of the gong rotates a full 180 degrees to that the secondary ring of the gong is facing back end]
        Fourth row, single image [ The Hand blade mode of the gong, the second ring has extended to reveal beads like on the handles and the blades extend around the edges of the gong. The two large blade merge together.]

note i do not own RWBY, it belongs to Rooster Teeth and to Monty Oum, all rights reserved*
*Do not copy trace, or steal*
The Holder of the Owl
Well it's official, i've made a miraculous ladybug oc. Just one of many. I didn't really do her civilian form. *curse you laziness* Anywho, let's get it on!

Random person: "ALpha, stop this madness before it gets out of control!"
Me: "It's too late for that,,,,,MuuuUUuuuWwwwwhahahahha!"
Real Name: Kelly Herra
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 107lbs
Skin Color: Tan
Eye color: Grey
Hair Color: Hazelnut
Hair style: Short
Nationality: Half Brisith and half American
Little Known fact(s): She can play the violin, has a habit of sleeping for long periods of time during the day (she's more of a night owl. lol.) Kelly has a pet barn owl named: Miracle whom she cherishes and says is better then any guard dog. And she has a fear of ants; don't ask her why, they're just evil.
Civilian Outfit: Wear a recycling symbol t-shirt, with a black waistcoat over it, a leather belt with a silver square buckle holds up her faded jeans. Which have a red stripe down the length of each pant leg. Have a single knitted, black glove had she wears when she writes. (she's a lefty.) High top shoes and eye glasses.
 Accessories: Has on a black fedora hat with four pins on the right side (a blue paw print, a skull and cross bones, one with an image of the Earth, and one with the Jamaican flag.)  and a feather ornament. Belt buckle.
 Personality: A passionate member/ contributor to animal rescue shelters, bird rehabilitation facilities, and a self-proclaimed eco-warrior. She is determined to spread the word about her chosen causes. Though she is quite shy when faced with new people, especially when having to talk to her boyfriend of two years. (she can't be romantic to save her life.) A creative individual in the heat of trouble often finding inventive solutions to problems, though determined in mindset but she can be a bit gloomy at times.

Alias: Barn Owl
Miraculous: A Belt Buckle. The image below her feet is the symbol on the buckle when it transforms. Each feather shows the time she has left in that form. The last feather, has one a minute and thirty seconds before time runs out.

Kwami: Crest. (Miraculous of protection)
Transformation Phrase: "Crest, To The Skies!"

Suit Features: Segmented armor plating over her shins and forearms. Has talon gloves, and a set of retractable talons on the toes of her boots, with one back talon. With a flick of her feet, Barn Owl can release the talons to extend five inches over her toes and flip down the back claw. The talons can flex and bend, allowing her to grab onto things, use in combat, aid her in climbing vertical surfaces, and even perch.  Hood on suit, and has a skirt-like piece around her waist made up of 'tail feathers'. Has a pair of wings growing from her back: fully functional and articulated.

Weapon: A pair of Kama with spikes near the top. (Sickle-like weapons) Blades are six inches long, can be stored on look at the sides of her belt and has a sort of boomerang function when thrown. Spinning in a wide arc before returning to her hand. Also have a communication function where both w alone join together side by side by the handles and the handles slide up. A screen being revealed in the middle of the handles that split soighty apart

Miraculous meaning: Protection, and kindness towards others.

Powers/Abilities: Enhanced eyesight. Night Vision. Flight. Acute reflexes. Durable wings.

Special Ability: Feather Tempest. [Launches a barrage of feathers from her armor; going two at a time, and from her wings at her chosen target: while spinning in a sight spiral. The feathers can travel several yards and can slice through concrete. With the many rows on her armor, she can fire up to three rounds. Though her wings need rest after using her ability.

Personality differences: Alert and aware of her surroundings. Wise, swift in the thick of battle. Barn Owl is a little withdrawn, speaking only when she see's fit. A bit prideful of herself and actions.

Physical Differences: Her pupils widen to a large round size and her hair darkens

Brief history: Born in Manchester England l, the oldest of two children. Kelly had a rough childhood too saw the least with that her dad being away a lot as he was in the Army: and her mom trying to find a steady job. When she turned three the family packed up their bags and moved to her dad's home country of America. They were first stationed at a base in Nevada, then came Salt Lake City and finally- her home for 13 years Florida. Living in a little town known for its beaches and gift shops. Since her mum never heard of Middle school that part of her life as.... a dark period. Long story short, Kelly was the black sheep. Oddly mature for her age, usuing British slang in her sentences, and slowly blooming into a artist as a hobby thing and it was where she gre for her life passion as an eco ward. Miraculous youth bullies were around every corner, grinding her down to a pulp. Often she would come home in tears retelling her stories of torment. It got to a point where her parents decided to take action and. Took her to a professional. The talks wiThe the lady only last d a year and a half. They allow d her to rebound on life, grew into her now vibrant self and seek out the things she love which in turn lead to her making new
Friends. And eventually a boyfriend. She still has the memories of those years, waking up in the middle of the night from a bad dream but those all changed when her dad got station at Paris. During her first week she found her boyfriend and her friend Gabe were there to study abroad, she enrolled for a high school , helped an Old Man carry his groceries to his little shop across the busy, crowded ( and rude) street, and she found a strange box in her backpack.
******Miraculous Fact: She can use her large wings (big as she is tall) to cover herself and others, like shields. The feathers are tightly interwoven and very durable. Being able to resist most projectiles, withstand beatings from debris and weapons alike, and even deflect some forms of offensive strikes. Her wings can get to up to speeds up to 45mph, and allowing Barn Owl to make swift and tight aerial maneuvers.

Departing phrase: "Gotta Soar."

Battle Phrase: "You've just ruffled my feathers!"

Victory Phrase:  "Hooo's the best!"

*Note i do not own Miraculous Ladybug: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir, it belongs to it's proper owners. All rights reversed.*
*do not copy, trace, or steal*
Shengyin Daopian Diagrams #1
And here we have the first installment of Aidan's weapon. Yes my friends, it is a gong. As in the instrument. I originally thought of giving him some kind of blade-type weapon: but then i thought. "Pfft, ALPHA that's lame! Give him something.....jazzy." And thus here it is!
Without any more time'a'wasting go!
Functions: (continuing from fullbody) Aidan can use the mallet of the gong to either wack his opponent or bang on the gong to generate stunning sound waves up to a 13 meter radius in any direction. He can hit with his gong, throw it like a Frisbee. or.....

Third Row First image [ Shows the engraved bead on the handle of Shengyin Daopian. With a quick twist, Aidan an activate another mode of his weapon. The outermost ring ejects out by half a foot, creating a wide shield of sorts.
        Third Row  Second and thirds images [ Shows the profile motions of flipping the handle down, which will stiffen and lock in place as it is turned down at a perpendicular angle to the back of the gong.]
       First row, first image. [ A full profile of Shengyin Daopian in it's standard form.]
       First row, second image [ A full profile of the mallet to the gong.]
       Second row, first image [ The first, and only step of changing the mallet into its secondary form. Simple turn the padded, knob-like end a full 360 degrees.]
        Second row, second image. [ The dagger form of the mallet, the blade extending and flourishing out from the padded part of the mallet. Which splits and sinks into the handle to a point where it's almost unseen. the blade fully extends and locks in place.]
         Third row last image [ The shield form of Aidan's weapon, showing how the outermost ring extends, revealing the next ring and creating spaces in-between the segments. ]

*Note i do not own RWBY< it belongs to Rooster Teeth, and to Monty Oum. All rights reserved*
*do not copy, trace, or steal*
RWBY OC-Team J.A.D.E Fullybody #2
And the second member of team, J.A.D.E. has arrived on the scene and he's ready to strut!
I enjoyed making his outfit, and like Jasmine tried to make the Chinese character's as accurate as possible.

Anywho to the info--------)

     Name: Aidan Cheng
     Name meaning: Aidan ( Irish= Fiery) Cheng (Chinese for orange)
     Age: 17 1/2
     Gender: Male
     Race: Human
     Height: 5ft 3in
     Weight: 130lbs
     Skin color: White
     Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde               Hair style: Short, flared.
Body type: Firm
School/Kingdom: Shade/ Vacuo

Inspirations: Yue Fei ( A famous Chinese military general, known for his fierce loyalty [later becoming a symbol of loyalty himself] and his skill in leading military forces.

Represented color: Orange

Clothing influences: Chinese military, and civilian clothing.
Armor pieces: Light orange tunic with brown lining, accented with grey stripes. Similar to a dojo or karate uniform, having star shaped clasps down the front. Single arm armor piece (he's not part cyborg) made of brown, grey and orange metal. 5 pieces on shoulder having tall spikes, black under sleeve, two piece elbow plate and jointed connections. The sleeve connect to a glove on his hand, brown baggy pants, braided belt, and segmented shin guards and point-toed shoes. Pendant around neck [having the chinese character for "Song" engraved into the back] and a bamboo hat.
Notes: His vest is made of thick cloth. His pendant opens to show two photos; one of his parents, the other of him and his three older brothers.

Appearance features: Tiger tattoo on left leg, freckles on cheeks and well muscled frame.
Skills and Talents: Enjoys origami. Can play four instruments ( drums, trumpet, flute, and guitar.)

          Personality: Aidan is the polar opposite to his team's leader. His traits are as uncommon as his forged fighting style and weapon. Born the youngest of four, to a common family in Vacuo, Aidan was always the one of the bunch who strayed away from home; looking for new things and places to explore. More often than sometimes, he got in hot water. though he would just smile and rub it off. In fact, he rather like the attention he got from it. Though he always wanted something different then just playing with his brothers or helping around the house. It was during a broadcast of the Vytal Festival Tournament that he was first introduced to huntsmen, and found a child's dream to become one.
                                       Aidan quickly sought out to gain the skills and knowledge to become one. To his family's and instructors surprise, Aidan had a good amount of talent and quickly rose up in the ranks in his classes until he could be accepted into the Shade Academy. The loud-mouthed boy was glad to find a new adventure. He may come off as reckless, glory/attention seeking, or even brash; but he's as fiery as anyone, and fiercely loyal to his close friends, teams and family. (Since his neighborhood was small and he did get many chances to create friendships.) His creative mind lead to his own fighting style; which is a strange mix of martial arts and dancing. Aidan can get caught up in trying to get the recognition he so desires, which can lead to some....unwanted results.
                                      He greatly enjoys joking around with and messing *cough*COugh* provoking* *cough* Jasmine. He loves to see her fume. Though his laziness can diminish his talent, and even lead to him becoming arrogant. Aidan will stick with you til the end, pushing your buttons and making jokes along the way.

Aura Color: Orange
Weapon Name: Shengyin Daopian (Roughly translates from Chinese to Sound Blade)
Weapon Type: Offensive
Alt. feature: Bladed wheel
Weapon Style: Instrument.
            Functions: An unconventional weapon, being a medium lightweight metal gong and a 7in long mallet. Made of orange and black colored meta have a three ring design. A grey segmented "beaded" handle rests at the top. A circle of one pieces 1in spaced apart run around the circumference of the gong. Conceals a set of blades inside, and the mallet can reveal and hidden 6in long blade by twisting the round end. Main purpose is to generate echoing sound waves of various frequencies and wavelengths. [ will explain more in diagrams]

Firing Mechanism: Can be thrown like a Frisbee
Loading and reloading: none
Gun mode: none
Clothing points: Has holsters for his gong and mallet. Line of Chinese character down one of his pant legs: translating to "Reckless in action, but noble in heart."
     Fighting style: Dance arts
     Strengths: Hard hits. Wide area of attack. Options for attacking. Power of blows.
     Weaknesses: Endurance lacking and hindered by weapon's weight. Not much defense. Prefers to attack from a distance.
Recommendations: Confuse the foe, quick and hard attacks
         Semblance: Sound wave control and manipulation
          Semblance Description: He can increase or decrease the pitch (volume) and frequency of sound waves. Making booming echoes, shock waves and funnels to confuse or stun a foe. Aidan has an ability where he can sort of "trap" a sound in a concentrated volume of space and ire it at his target. The projectile looking like a compressed sphere of air. For example: if someone yelled loudly Aidan would be able to "catch" that sound in his hands, concentrate it and launch it at a specified target with pinpoint precision. Aidan can even use his own voice as a method to produce a mighty echoing scream, though this ability of his takes a strain on him. Especially his vocal cords. With enough collected "sound spheres" he can create a sort of sounds barrier to block some attack and blows, but a strong hit will shatter his barrier and his focus. His part of his semblance is seldom used and much trickier to do; what with Aidan needs to concentrate hard and collect a large amount of sound orbs. Which takes energy and time. A fun thing he discovered that he can do, is mimic voices. Though Aidan mainly sticks to throwing one sound ball at a time, and manipulation the eaves to his liking.

Brief History: Born the youngest of a common family, he was a bit of a trouble maker and an attention seeker. After seeing a broadcast of the Vytal Festival Tournament he wanted to become a huntsmen. Despite his teachers and family doubting his reckless behavior, he proved his skills as he quickly rose up in status. He soon went to the Shade Academy feeling carefree and full of hope.

Team: J.A.D.E
Position: Defense
Theme Song: Pound The Alarm. By Nicki Minaj.
Quotes: "Whatever you say, Mrs. Drill Sargent. "
               "Um yeah, I'm not really feeling like......doing stuff right now."
               "No one says I'm not a good person. Jerky, annoying, and attention-seeking, maybe. But I'm not a bad person, and don't even start with saying I am!"
               "Well.....that failed."
                "Yes i'm carrying a gong. So what? You got a problem with that?"
                " What? There's something wrong, and i didn't do it. Plain as that."
Fun Fact: He owns over a dozen different bamboo hats.

*note i do not own RWBY, i belongs to Rooster Teeth and to Monty Oum, all rights reserved*
*Do not, copy, trace, or steal*


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